SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategies to Achieve Subscription Success Seamlessly and Strategically

Inbound marketing strategy can trump outbound marketing – only if done right. Inbound marketing term was first coined by HubSpot circa 2006 – and the role in 2022 is indisputably important. Inbound marketing strategy is driven by earned media and owned media to target customers for both long-term and short-term goals.

Why Inbound When We Have Paid Options?

We understand that paid options are always an option but for organic traffic and reaching out to the audience by giving informational content can be a lot more beneficial. Not every time, you have to have a huge capital to spend on paid advertisements and paid campaigns as statics show that 93% of people do not even trust paid advertisements.

Therefore, building organic traffic by leveraging SaaS inbound marketing strategies that will facilitate in giving success for your business.

We have certain ways to make use of SaaS inbound marketing strategies for your company that will improve the monthly recurring revenue, annually recurring revenue, and much more.

These ways are:

  • Providing your customers with Knowledgebase that includes articles, blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, and guides.
  • Building Strong SEO for your business website using different SEO tactics
  • Using customer data to devise strategies and later implement
  • Interact and connect with the target audience using social media platforms

In the next part of the article, we are going to touch on each bullet written above and explain them briefly.

Creating Optimal Knowledgebase

Equipping your customers or clients with the required knowledge would help them in building confidence in the product. The analogy for knowledgebase can be related to customer self-service as customers as wising up and want to solve their problems without waiting for hours.

Not only that, but it will also help in understanding the procedure for the customers and the way a product works. With that being said, you can incorporate the knowledge base into your inbound marketing strategy, using the right keywords.

It is highly recommended to use those keywords in the knowledgebase that are targeted to the intent of the user so whenever a user search for a query, your knowledgebase should be there.

Therefore, creating an optimal knowledgebase of your product would fuel the inbound marketing and improve the result of your subscriptions leading to success.

With your knowledgebase, you can add documentation, whitepapers, articles, blogs, eBooks, and FAQs so that clients and audiences can bring them to their use.

Offering free eBooks can also be a lead magnet for your website and business to acquire customers and improve the customer base.

SEO Tactics

The next factor in making a strong SaaS inbound marketing strategy is working on the Whitehat SEO by using different SEO tips that can be beneficial for your business.

While discussing SEO tactics, the first and foremost important factor is keyword research. Using long tail keywords in the website can help your website to target the user intent and rank organically on the first few pages of SERPs.

The SEO strategies most are congruent to the industry and based on competitive research and market search. Doing so would help in using the keywords that can help you to rank on those keywords that your industry and competitors have targeted.

Another important SEO tactic is building your landing page SEO friendly that iterates the services you provide to the customers. it should be brief and to the point and incorporated with SEO keywords so that you can reach out to the visitors organically.

While writing blogs, articles, feature pages, and other web pages – SEO keywords and SEO tactics must not be overlooked. These are the keys to making your position on the search engine stronger and stronger.

Leveraging Customer Data And Analytics

Analytics give useful insights into your customers, user engagement with the products, and many other analytics that will help you understand the customer demands and function in those demands.

By studying analytics and customer behaviour, merchants and businesses can shape their next inbound strategy in order to make customers more satisfied.

The cohorts of the reports can give you the data of a set timebox and you will be able to see the results before you started a specific inbound marketing strategy and after you implement it.

To gain customer data such as churn, retention rate, NPS, and other feedback – it is important to integrate your system with the integration that is of a marketing automation tool and a subscription management platform i.e., HubSpot and SubscriptionFlow Integration.

Using the integration as your SaaS inbound marketing strategy is helpful for your long-term goals by taking the right steps at the right time.

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Increase Social Media Interaction

Social media, these days can be the real game player if used rightly.

SEO experts say that increasing social media interaction and communication can drive helpful impacts on the inbound marketing strategy of your business.

Conduct polls, post more, and educate more to your customers and target audience using social media. Not only this, but you can also know the market and industry trends to use social media for your Inbound Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies.

INBOUND 2022 – HubSpot Event

As the INBOUND event of HubSpot approaches, it is high time for the SaaS businesses and B2B companies to act thoroughly upon it. The event promises remarkable discussions, and takeaways, especially for the inbound marketing experts, salespersons, digital marketing experts, and much more.

Wrap Up

Inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies can be the ladder to the success of your SaaS or B2B company. With the HubSpot and SubscriptionFlow integration, you can achieve much more than collecting data. With automation, the right tools, useful insights, and analytics, business success can increase up to 10x.

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