Lead Generation Hacks to Skyrocket the Growth of Your Subscription Business

Your marketing teams put in their efforts on optimizing your websites, posting on social media, curating email campaigns, and a lot more. Finally, you start getting traffic from social media platforms, off-page stories and blogs, and paid ad campaigns. With time, this traffic reaches up to millions of website visitors and demo schedules.

However, how would you fish potential leads out of a plethora of website visitors?


Yes, that is the key to making any B2B lead generation strategy work. For instance, SubscriptionFlow has relaunched itself as a retention and growth platform with a focused feature of data monitoring. The platform can help subscription businesses follow the customer journey of every customer since the customer was merely a lead. Such detailed track of the customer journey shows which leads need to be nurtured and how to bring these people to the sales funnel so as to onboard loyal customers. Not only that but the user is enabled to keep tracking the customer journey beyond. Here, you can identify the customers who are on the verge of cancelling subscriptions.

When customers are retained, the growth and success of the business automatically multiply. So, here we are going to share some of the hacks to generate more leads, and do it the way you should!

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The Use of Social Listening Tools

Today, many businesses use social media to market their products to cater to more customers. You also need to work on your social media marketing strategy. So, you can also benefit from social media. All you need is to sign up for social listening tools. Start monitoring the notifications regarding keywords search. Monitor the mentions in the reviews. Answer the queries that your customers might ask in reviews and messages. We highly recommend you do not underestimate the power of reviews and their answers on social media. If you answer the queries of the leads coming over there, the chances of conversion are high. Social media is not a pool but an ocean where you can hunt the fish that you like. However, the success rate depends on your skill set.

Work on You Newsletters

The second important factor that you need to pay attention to is the newsletters. Many companies send newsletters to their customers. They even send them to potential leads which is beneficial in its way. Businesses even try to build their community based on their newsletters. However, to get leads and nurture them from newsletters, you should know the art of using newsletters as lead magnets.

Integrated AI Chatbots

Make integration of AI-based chatbots part of your Product-led Growth (PLG) strategy. These chatbots will help in-app communication. In-app messages are important because they help in educating customers. When customers are educated to use your SaaS product effectively, your product value increases. Also, integrated AI chatbots keep all customers engaged.

At present, though customers prefer in-person talks, chatbots are helpful. They keep your customers engaged and online till your customer care representatives get free to communicate with the customers. And believe it or not, this communication helps in retaining a number of customers who would otherwise leave because of not getting any response from your side.

Chatbots also keep the leads engaged. Till your customer care representatives are available, your chatbots will keep the leads engaged and busy. Many experts say if you have chatbots, you never lose a lead.

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The Product-Led Growth (PLG)

By opting for product-led growth (PLG), you can generate B2B sales leads. Your product becomes the point of focus. Companies opting for PLG, keep coming up with advanced versions and add-ons of their products. When you improve your product rather than conventional marketing tactics, you start focusing on referral campaigns.

Statistics show that 99% of buying decisions are influenced by the word of mouth. So, make your product desirable to the level where your customers start discussing it in communities. People will start waiting for the news about your product. More people will know about your SaaS platform, and they will come on board. That’s how our PLG-based approach leads you to increase your product value. An improvement in the product value will increase your business growth.

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Though many SaaS businesses keep their focus on customer retention, the team SubscriptionFlow encourage you to have a balance of customer retention and conversion rate. SubscriptionFlow can help you achieve your conversion rate targets.

Call us to schedule a demo and we will show you how you can monitor the customer data from the beginning so that you can increase the conversion rate and onboard loyal customers.