What Should Your Customer Service Tree Look Like to Weave Both Retention and Growth

Consider customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and revenue as KPIs that show the growth of your business. On all the fronts that are mentioned above, you need to outperform so as to increase and sustain business growth.

Team SubscriptionFlow is here to streamline these things for you. And we want you to take the SaaS business growth and retention from the perspective of the customer service tree.

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The Customer Service Tree

Money can grow on trees, and the more is growth of the tree, the more will be revenue the business generates.

We believe that the customers are more like branches of a tree, and the money that you generate from these customers is just like leaves that grow on a tree. However, what lies at the roots? The customer experience and service that you offer!

Yes, if the experience of the customers is good, the branches will show healthy growth. Resultantly, more leaves will grow on the tree to make it lush. So, let’s gear up to increase the growth of your customer service tree.

How to Take Your SaaS Customer Service Strategy

Coming to the point, what needs to be done to help you make the growth of your customer service tree satisfactory?

First things first, the following are points of interaction where you need to represent your brand optimally.

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1. Customer Acquisition (New Bud on Your Customer Service Tree)

When your sales and marketing representatives strive to onboard new customers, they are offering the best customer services so that they can somehow get the customer. This new customer is just like a new bud from where a new shoot grows. Here, you need to work on the roots. Water your tree consistently—be available for your customers whenever they contact you.

Automated tools integrate chatbots to help businesses in this regard. Chatbots are based on AI so, they help sales representatives in dealing with numerous customers at a time.

When it comes to acquisition, SubscriptionFlow allows users to mine data from customer data centres. Not only that but you can also monitor the data so that focus can be diverted to potential customers.

2. Customer Engagement

Next thing is to engage the customers. At this stage, it is more like keeping tending to the customer service tree. Give all your attention to your customers. If your customer services are up to the market, the branches of the customer services tree (customer engagement) will sprout and mature with time.

One thing that you must keep in mind, today, customers not only need your attention in the initial days. They need you to be available, all the time. Also, know the importance of customer services representatives. There is no chatbot that can replace experienced customer service representatives.

3. Customer Retention (Growth of Leaves on the Branches of Customer Service Tree)

Sometimes trees are cut, and it is not the usual cutting done for the better growth of the tree. Many times, cuttings cause damage to the tree. Any mistake or lack in customer service is just like cutting the healthy branches of the customer tree with your own hands.

Here you will need to keenly monitor the exit insights. If you want accurate business insights including exit insights, then you need an automated tool.  SbscriptionFlow is one such customer retention management platform that will provide you with all insights that you need for business growth and customer retention. From your first interaction to the last, you will be able to monitor everything. This monitoring will help you know all reasons for customer exit.

More Informed Retention Engine

SubscriptionFlow helps businesses in retention and growth by making their retention engine more informed. The user will know:

  • Lifetime Value (LTV) of the customers
  • Acquisition cost
  • The number of visits to the cancellation page

When you have such information, it is easier to segregate the customers. Customer segregation is like now you know, which branches (customers) are weaker and need to be cut, and which ones need all your attention.

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Your Win-Back Strategy

SubscriptionFlow experts encourage you to work on even the customers who are on the verge of churn. So, strategize to win back your customers. Observe the customer data and find the reasons for churn. work to increase your ROI.

SubscriptionFlow will allow you to not only retain customers for it offers useful business insights but also play role in strategizing to win back your customers. The tracking of the entire customer journey will allow you to even monitor the downgrading of the subscriptions.

So, schedule a demo with SubscriptionFlow today to implement your retention and growth strategies!