Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Increase Your Up-Selling and Cross-Selling with Inbound Marketing

Trade shows and inbounding marketing go hand in hand. The importance of inbound marketing and trade is irrefutably important as they help in boosting sales and generate revenue.

Talking about trade shows, they give you the chance to meet potential customers in real-time leading to building trust and confidence. Inbound marketing involves reaching out to people by vocalizing your features, solutions, and products through different platforms where the target audience can interact such as social media platforms.

In this article, we are going to look at the ways inbound marketing will help to increase your upselling and cross-selling sales. Let’s get into it.

Strategize On Emails And Messaging

You might think that messaging could be an unconventional thing now but here is the catch – messaging your clients is one of the effective strategies to get your clients back to the business.

Reading your data and analytics, you can create a list of customers or target audiences for sending customized emails and messages. As a matter of fact, many big companies like well-known food outlets and food chains make their message witty which leads them to get hundreds of clients on a daily basis.

  • Offer exclusive benefits to your existing clients by sending them either a message or an email
  • Get your past customers back by offering discounts by logging in again

For Inbound marketing, sending emails and messages to your already existing clients or past clients can generate upselling and cross-selling opportunities for your business.

The merchants have to devise their strategy and think thoughtfully to make it fully active and effective.

Use Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing strategy is also known synonymously as a retargeting strategy. It is a form of advertisement to the audience that has recently visited your site or any social media marketing page. Remarketing strategy leads customers to impulsive buying and there are higher chances that customers would buy your products.

This can be a great source for marketing-related products and cross-selling. Showing your customers, the relevant products that they are in search of is one of the revenue-boosting and revenue-generating strategies.

For an instance, if a customer searches for an eLearning online platform and visits your website then the remarketing strategy is useful. It is similar to persuading your targeted audience (low-key).

Primp The Product Pages

Before you primp the product pages with related products for your customers, take some time to conduct research.

Using analytics and data available, research what your clients have bought from your website previously and then show them the related products. This will create an urge for the clients to buy the related products or products that are available in different specs with a minimum price difference – that would make a lot of difference to their product purchasing. Therefore, by grooming the product pages after conducting inbound marketing research, you will see a boost in sales and revenue.

On the sidebar or navigation bar, you can recommend the products to your customers and there is a high probability that customers will purchase the products.

Remind Customers About The Abandoned Cart

While shopping and putting products in the cart, the buyer can be distracted by some notifications or someone who came to meet, and so on.

Did you know that 69.57% of online carts are abandoned? This means that 70 out of 100 customers leave their cart as it is and do not proceed to the checkout page.

Well, if your customers have abandoned the cart, you can pull them back to the cart by reminding them – through email.

Send your customers an email with exclusive offers or lucrative deals so that hop back to their cart.

With inbound marketing, you can entice your customers and increase your revenue by creating opportunities for customers to buy products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the fundamental principle for inbound marketing. Let others explore your business and products as you let the audience interact with you on social media.

Managing all social media in one place for your business involves creating ads, retargeting your audience, advertising your product by doing social media, and many other strategies.

With social media marketing, you can show your customers the products that can upgrade their already purchase items or by showing them the relevant products for cross-selling.

Show Up-selling and Cross-selling Recommendations on the Checkout Page

Showing up-selling and cross-selling recommendations at the checkout page is used by many e-commerce platforms. It is helpful for the reason that customers might see a product that they find relevant to their already purchased items.

Implement Up-Selling And Cross-Selling At Your Platform With SubscriptionFlow

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