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ProfitWell Alternatives—Finding the Right Subscription Analytics Solution for Your Business

Are you planning to enter the subscription business market?

Good decision! The business model actually helps in multiplying revenue. But what’s your feasibility?

Have you been already in the market, yet you never tried the subscription business model? Many businesses that previously had nothing to do with subscriptions have found the recurrent needs of their customers, and now, they offer subscriptions.

Or do you have a plan for a new startup in the subscription business market?

There can be another case, Have you found some services or products that you can offer with subscriptions from the range of your other products and services?

No matter how you turned to the subscription business model, to run your business in profit, you are going to need an automated cloud-based subscription management system. In this blog, we are going to help you get the best subscription management and analytics software in comparison to ProfitWell.

ProfitWell Alternative

When you transition from some other business model to subscriptions, then you need to adopt the subscription business model that can fulfil your business needs. Having more than one option in the list to choose from is good. If you have ProfitWell on your list, that is fine, but let us help you get something even better.

1. SubscriptionFlow

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management software that offers extensive features. Other than managing subscriptions, users can also process online payments for their subscribers. We integrate the system with the top payment gateways so that you can hunt subscribers from across borders. Even if you need to integrate multiple payment gateways and third-party software, you can easily do that as SubscriptionFlow is kept flexible and scalable to link with other applications and software.

There are various other features and even add-ons that SubscriptionFlow offers. For instance, one of the very important features is the QTC (Quote to Cash) process management. Here, our integrations with e-signature applications also help enterprises lock fair deals and sign agreements seamlessly.

Other than core features, SubscriptionFlow has a range of applications for users. HPPs, SSO, customer service portal, and above all high customizability and personalization are significant features of SubscriptionFlow.

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For those who are looking for an alternative to ProfitWell, we will take them to the details of SubscriptionFlow.

SubscriptionFlow Detailed Features Analysis

As it has been mentioned earlier there is a range of features that is offered by SubscriptionFlow. They include:

●  Subscription management is the core feature of SubscriptionFlow, various businesses e.g. eCommerce, eLearning, OTT, SaaS, need to manage subscriptions. If you have used Netflix or Disney Plus, we will have a fair idea of subscriptions and subscription plans. The price, billing, and payment against every subscription plan need to be managed. SubscriptionFlow can do it all seamlessly. So, you just need to plan subscription plans, for their management, SubscriptionFlow is available.

●  Payment processing is a feature that not only subscription businesses but also many other enterprises need. Our platform seamlessly integrates with PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Adyen, GoCardless, and many other payment gateways to enable users to run businesses in international markets.

●  Another important feature of SubscriptionFlow is analytics and reporting. This feature plays an important role in monitoring different subscription business KPIs e.g. MRR, ARR, Customer Retention etc. Monitoring these KPIs is important for better performance of your business. They show the health of your business. If your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) shows that you are meeting the set targets, then of course, you are in the right direction. However, if there is something otherwise, then you need to change your sales and revenue policies. There is another important function that analytics and reporting play. You can monitor the data of previous years and plan better for the future. You can find out the best sold-out features and applications. And offer your customers features, applications, and add-ons accordingly.

●  Coming towards integrations, You can integrate almost any finance, accounting, eCommerce, CRM, or help desk software with the core SubscriptionFlow so that a business solution can be created specifically for your business.

●  There are different applications that team SubscriptionFlow has developed considering customer demands and needs. For example, PaymentsFlow and Portal Manager are specific applications offered by SubscriptionFlow.

●  Other than these features, applications, and integration, there are numerous other features that subscription businesses need and SubscriptionFlow almost offers them all. However, still, the platform is kept flexible to be personalized depending on the client’s needs.

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If you are also one of those people who look for ProfitWell alternatives, then the best platform is SubscriptionFlow. You can contact SubscriptionFlow experts at any time to schedule a demo for SubscriptionFlow and explore other features offered by SubscriptionFlow.