SubscriptionFlow—A Platform That Offers A Range of Diverse Features & Applications for B2B SaaS & SMEs

The customer is becoming more and more educated with time, and he has various tools in hand that can help him with anything about everything in this world. So, businesses have stopped trying to outsmart their customers rather they are accommodating them. Customers want to pay for only what they use. Thereby, SaaS platforms are using usage-based billing management platforms.

SubscriptionFlow is a cloud-based software that can enable users to bill recurring customers from anywhere across the world based on their usage. In this article, we are going to shed light on the diverse functions of this platform that offers wings to B2B SaaS and SMEs.

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Freemium Management

When it comes to recurring billing management, many SaaS companies offer freemiums. SubscriptionFlow allows users to implement their strategy of freemium through this robust platform. In the SaaS business industry, you cannot operate with the one size fits all approach. You can improvise freemium if things are not working your way. The system gives you the liberty to experiment so as to bill your customers the way you should.

Trial Management

Trial management is another business strategy that SaaS businesses opt for so that their potential leads turn to become loyal and happy customers. SaaS products are nothing like material products that the customer can try and test. Offering trials is the best way to allow customers to test your SaaS product. However, to manage trials for your SaaS product, you can use the SubscriptionFlow—subscription billing software. You can either offer paid trials or unpaid trials, however, both can be managed from the subscription billing software.

Usage-Based Billing Management

In the SaaS business market, you need to bill customers based on their usage. For instance, HubSpot and MailChimp are SaaS businesses that need to follow the usage-based billing model. They charge customers depending on usage. MailChimp offers email marketing services and HubSpot is used for inbound marketing. However, to manage the billing of customers that is based on their usage, a recurring billing management platform is needed. SubscriptionFlow allows its users to opt for any billing model, offer multiple billing methods to the end customers, and manage the complete billing processing from this automated platform.

Application Programming Interface (APIs)

SubscriptionFlow offers APIs for some users who do not want to adopt the complete subscription management platform yet need integrations with some specific platforms. For instance, if a customer demands integration of subscription handling software with monday.com or HubSpot, then a team of experts can fulfil such needs of our customers. However, an API will be provided that will help in syncing the data or handling subscriptions through APIs (depending on the need of the customer) and linking the two applications.


SaaS businesses need to offer entitlements and these entitlements have to be managed. The end customers demand some specific features. So, SaaS businesses entitle their customers to use specific features. When it comes to entitlement management, then our subscription management platform is all available. The user can add the product to the system, create plans against these products, and then you can add entitlements or loyalty rewards. Offer and manage entitlements from our recurring billing platform.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Option

Single Sign-on (SSO) is the option that allows users to sign in to varying related platforms with a single ID. SubscriptionFlow now offers its users the option of SSO. The users can use different applications and platforms, however, sign in with a single ID. Just like a single human being, it is not easy for even an enterprise to have different credentials to sign in to different platforms. they prefer using one. It keeps things manageable and easy to understand for the users.

Workflow Automation

Though the SubscriptionFlow subscription management system automates the complete processing of the subscription businesses from billing to payment and analytics, some enterprises have their side workflows. Our subscription handling system offers the feature to create workflows and get them managed automatically. Other than the basic things of leads, deals, and invoicing, the user can manage all activities in a workflow.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Integrations with payment gateways are indispensable in the subscription business market. Customers prefer paying through multiple payment gateways and multiple payment methods. When SaaS businesses target a diverse customer base, they need integrations with multiple payment gateways. SubscriptionFlow is a flexible software that can easily be integrated with multiple payment gateways. By integrating the subscription management system with more than one gateway, you can offer your customers multicurrency support, multiple payment methods and maximum security for online payment processing.

Integrations with the Accounting Applications

Some SaaS businesses need specific software for accounting. And our subscription billing management system integrates with Xero and Quickbooks. These integrations allow customers to perform accounting operations including payroll, payment processing, bank connection and a lot more easily.

Reporting & Analytics

This system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that make this software offer users business insights. Useful business insights allow users to make futuristic business strategies. Proper and formal reports can be created regarding customers, plans, subscriptions etc. This feature provides SaaS enterprises with an overview of their performance in various areas of their business so that they can improve and compete better in the future.

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Other than these amazing features, SubscriptionFlow is also providing certain specific applications that can streamline business processes for B2B SMEs.


At present, all SMEs that operate in the subscription business market would know the importance of customer retention. So, realizing the need of the hour, SubscriptionFlow came up with RetentionFlow. Here a churn score is defined for the end customers that helps users identify the customers that are about to churn. The churn score is decided based on the activity of the end customers on the SaaS product that you are providing them with.  When you know that customers who can churn, it is easier to strategize to keep these customers on board.


As a retailer in the subscription business market, you cannot expect to succeed or beat your competitors if you are not getting paid on time. And what needs to be understood is that payment processing is a complete experience in itself. When customers pay, they interact with you. Every point of interaction with the customer is part of the customer experience. At our subscription management and payment processing platform, the PaymentFlow application allows users to either opt for Hosted Payment Pages (HPPs) or Public Checkout Pages to maximize the customer checkout experience. The option of checkout pages maximizes online payment security.


It is another SubscriptionFlow application in which basically two things are available for the user i.e. a dashboard to keep track of paid and unpaid invoices and dunning management. When it is about the collection of payments against invoices, dunning is indispensable because not all customers pay on time. Those who do not pay on time need to be managed through dunning. Dunning is effective communication with the customer. Your tone and time both matter when you are sending dunning emails or notifications to the customers. It is better to do it as per a calendar that you can manage through an automated platform.

In the B2B market, businesses look for some advanced features that we are offering including the following:

Quotation Management

Whenever you are intending to lure a customer, he asks for a quote to have an estimate regarding the price or charges for your SaaS product or services. Our usage-based billing system has recently come up with this feature of managing quotations. Now, the user can create a quote, send it, and manage it with the automated system whether it gets rejected or accepted.

Orders & Subscriptions

The most basic thing that B2B subscription businesses need to manage is the orders and subscriptions. This cloud-based billing management platform manages everything for SaaS businesses including subscriptions and orders. Orders can be created for specific customers of the specific product that the user would have already added to the system.

Invoicing Management

Accurate invoicing is the backbone of customer relations, and SubscriptionFlow strengthens the back of B2B SaaS enterprises. Here, you can create and manage invoices. Send accurate invoices to the entire customer base and get paid in time—maintained the flow of the recurring revenue.

Pricing Models

Depending on your SaaS business, you need the right pricing model. Today, many SaaS businesses prefer using a mix of pricing models. They keep experimenting with the prices and the pricing models. This system liberates you to openly experiment with prices to better compete in the B2B SaaS market. From flat fees to tiered and usage-based pricing, choose anything that can fulfil your business needs and requirements.

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Other than all these features and applications, SubscriptionFlow has a lot more to offer startups, small businesses, and medium and large enterprises. Get details from our experts!

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