Retention Management System – How Data Analysis Helps with Churn Reduction

You already have won the game if you had managed to achieve a higher customer retention rate.

Nonetheless, maintaining the customer retention rate is the milestone you always have to win!

The customer retention rate for SaaS and B2B businesses requires a lot of real-time analytics to help manage it and reduce churn.

To work in tandem with your customers, the retention rate is an important key metric that will either make or break the deal of your business health and loyal customers.

A robust customer retention system is the only way out if you want to reduce your business’s churn rate and improve customer retention management for your SaaS or a subscription-based business.

A retention management system helps to understand the factors of churning. Not only that, but it also assists businesses in how various strategies can be applied to reduce churn and improve customer retention rates over time.

In recent progressive developments in machine learning towards artificial intelligence, algorithms have a crucial role in analyzing the data of companies based on SaaS business models or recurring revenue models.

The algorithms for revenue and retention in retention management software can predict the results for customer retention based on the available data as well as previous data given by the customers – such as their interaction and other types of triggers and events created during the customer journey.

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What Different Types of Analytics Can Help with Churn Reduction in Customer Retention Management Platform?

Descriptive analysis

Analyzing data on the basis of historical data such as past purchases, complaints, customer service satisfaction, and product reviews is known as descriptive analysis.

It is meant to provide insight into historical patterns of behaviors and performance of customer interactions, engagement with other tools or features, billing and payment patterns, and more.

Prescriptive analysis

As the name suggests, this type of analysis is further derived from descriptive analysis. Based on the input data, the prospective analysis gives the output in which it lays out the solution as to what can be done to reduce the churn rate or customer churning scores and improve the customer retention rate.

SubscriptionFlow’s app after description analysis shows the results and tells retention management strategies that can be applied using SubscriptionFlow’s platform.

Predictive analysis

This analysis gives into the probability of retaining a customer. It is underpinned by descriptive analysis and consumption analysis (which we are going to discuss further).

Consumption analysis

Consumption analysis studies customer behavior and product usage. Product usage is an important behavior to study or analyze when calculating customer retention rate. If a customer does not use the product, then there is a high chance that the customer will churn. This type of analysis helps you understand the following things:

  • Reason for cancelling the subscription
  • Why did they choose you over a competitor?
  • Why did they stop supporting you?

Using this analysis, you can further get customer feedback and have a better understanding of why customers are not using the product, anymore.

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Retain Customers Like a Pro with RetentionFlow

RetentionFlow is a retention management tool powered by SubscriptionFlow that enables businesses to not only track customer health and evaluate the likelihood of retention, but it can also help to analyze past data and establish a sense of the current data trends.

In this application, customers can manage their churn reduction and, using the data, make retention offers, and apply customer retention strategies.

SubscriptionFlow’s in-app tool is optimized for the B2B SaaS business in which you can get real-time analytics.

RetentionFlow app lets you import the data from anywhere and its robust system will evaluate customer retention possibilities along with showing customer churn scores.

For business development and its strategies, using RetentionFlow will help in making strategies to improve user engagement and product engagement.

Moreover, applying customer retention strategies such as loyalty programs, offering exclusive benefits to the users, discounts, vouchers, and much more can increase revenue and future prospects from existing clients.

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