Our Int. Chess Day Special: How A Chess Club Subscription Software Helps You Expand Your Chess Community

On 64 boxes of the chess board, the possible moves are even more than the all grains of sand on all beaches of this world.

Pretty interesting right! But what does a subscription or membership management system have to do with chess? Well, just trust SubscriptionFlow experts and read on! On this International Chess Day, SubscriptionFlow offers its platform for all chess clubs and chess coaching academies to manage their members through its robust platform. Whether you are offering chess subscriptions online or in a real-world academy, a chess coaching management platform can not only help you manage your chess geeks but also put competitors into a checkmate.


There you go!

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Offer & Manage Variants of Chess

There are almost 1600 variants of chess in the world that players love to play.

You would have definitely seen Chinese, Japanese, and Korean versions of chess. Chess is loved and popular in the far Eastern region of the world as a board game. There are many clubs and communities where chess geeks sit together and enjoy their leisure time.

However, chess subscriptions and the management of chess subscription plans from a membership management platform can help pass this leisure time more manageably. Your chess clubs, chess coaching, or chess academy can divide these variants of chess into different subscription plans for chess lovers. For instance, the Pawn Game is a very basic chess game in which a player can use just pawns, no other pieces of chess.

Your chess club can offer such basic chess games for kids and create a community of young players. Of course, coaching for the kids will remain part of this chess subscription plan. And to manage these your plans, chess subscription management software is all available.

Monetize Chess Coaching

“Many have become chess masters, but no one has become the master of chess.”

Chess is not a street game that anyone can try. Also, chess experts are rare to be found. It is not like cricket, basketball, or football that kids can play in the playground with buddies in their area. People need practical and professional coaching for chess. And this game demands a knack as well. The moves of pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, and king and queen are kept well thought out so that a player feels the power of these pieces while playing.

Even parents take a keen interest in making their kids learn how to play chess. So, if you are facilitating such parents and chess lovers by offering them online coaching services or if you run a chess club, then a subscription business model when implemented for the chess coaching classes can boost the money that you earn.

Many schools, colleges, and universities have chess clubs where students having an interest in this game come and play. Students are even mentored to play chess at an early age. Then, these institutes conduct interdepartmental and even interinstitutional tournaments of chess. If you also offer chess mentorship or coaching at your school or college, manage its subscriptions from a chess coaching management platform. It will increase the number of members who play this game.

You can even segregate players on the basis of their age group, skills, chess variants that they love, and more. When beginners cover certain milestones, you can take them to the next level of coaching. And to manage this segmentation of chess players, membership management software is the best option. You can craft basic, gold and platinum subscription plans. Offer puzzles and tips in these plans depending on the nature of the plan. When managed from a chess coaching management software, players will flock to join your chess club.

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Subscriptions for Chess Tournaments

International Chess Federation (FIDE) conducts international chess championships and tournaments.

However, if you are running a chess club or a chess coaching centre, then you can plan and make a calendar of internal chess contests. You can even offer your expert players subscriptions for these contests and championships. This will not only intrigue the best chess players but also expand your community of chess players.

You can promote your winners and make them participate in international championships like FIDE. A chess club subscription platform can easily help you implement such plans and things can feasibly be handled.

Everywhere in the world people love and support soccer players and cricket players. Chess players can also become heroes and role models for people if organizations like the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and FIDE and chess clubs promote chess players and chess champions.

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Curate Chess Subscription Boxes

Though chess is a challenging game, expert players always look for something more challenging. There are many chess applications that offer chess puzzles to keep their players engaged. But these puzzles are limited. They are not sufficient to satiate the desire of highly motivated players who seek more challenges.

Here, chess clubs and chess coaching centres can identify the recurring need of chess lovers. Other than your usual chess subscription plans, offer your players boxes of chess puzzles. Again these chess subscription boxes can be curated for different age groups accordingly.

These chess subscription boxes can include a lot more things, especially variants of chess. Variants of chess, if offered in a planned way can increase the lifetime value of chess subscribers. They will stay on board for a comparatively longer time.

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Conduct Chess Events

Recently, in Chennai India, they have painted the bridge just like a chessboard for the upcoming Chess Olympiad 2022.

Other than such national and international chess events, you can plan and conduct these events in your chess club and chess coaching centre. These events will keep players motivated. The point is sports and their rules stay the same, yet tournaments and championships are conducted in different countries and players are rewarded for healthy mental growth and motivation.

Such events can be conducted online as well. Let players play, market your chess coaching subscriptions there, and leave your membership management worries for the sports coaching management platform. Sports events are not only a great activity for players but it is also a blessing in disguise for marketing.


So, it is high time for chess coaching centres, clubs, and communities to gear up and take this game and earning from this game to the next level. Automated subscription management for chess coaching and other activities can provide wings to the chess coaching businesses. We are living in an age where people are earning millions from their leisure activities. So, why not monetize properly the platforms where space and environment are being provided for these leisure activities.

Chess is indeed a fantastic leisure activity. Let SubscriptionFlow help you monetize it, manage chess subscribers, and monitor the revenue. It is already International Chess Day so, schedule a demo with us.