Gather the Flock and Spread the Word of God with Church Membership Management Software

Times are tough and as desperately as we need to come close to God, we find it difficult to even get close to each other. But does this mean that we should abandon all our worship and prayers simply because we can’t make it to church? Just as evangelists took to the screens to spread the word as far and wide as possible, as the leader of the church, it falls on your shoulders to take responsibility now and use technological innovations like church membership management software to bring the community together again and pray to God as one.

This pandemic isn’t the only calamity that humanity has faced and it won’t be the last. We’ll need to use the tools we have at our disposal to grow and prosper as a community. With a modern church membership software that allows you to keep track of your community members and provide them with everything they need to stay connected, here’s a list of reasons why churches should go for a membership management system:

Accept Donations Globally

Donations are how churches have operated since the beginning and to think that the pandemic has lowered people’s morale to donate will be wrong. In fact, the pandemic only brought people closer to God, though restricting them from the church. Though technology has acted as a barrier between people and religion, it’s high time to turn things around and let the people contribute. Given the circumstances, if modern businesses can find ways to collect revenues, a church can collect donations from willing members as well.

Church membership management platforms allow you to integrate payment gateways like Stripe, GoCardless and many others that enable your church to accept donations from anywhere and in any currency of the world. And since your membership platform will be noting all the transaction details, you can ensure transparency and accountability later on.

The best part about using online membership management software is that all your transactions and payments are being secured by the world’s most reliable payment gateways. And with a transparent process that shows the people what the church is doing with their donations, you can be sure that you’ll be generating a lot of trust in your ministry and more members will be looking to join and help.

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Register More Members Remotely

With a smart church membership management platform that is fully automated, you’ll be able to attract more people who can become potential members of the ministry. Once integrated with your website, the system will make it seamlessly easy for new members to sign up and reap the benefits of the community membership privileges immediately.

Managing the church isn’t easy, but when you look at how every organization and community is working remotely online, it’s not impossible to imagine the church taking up the initiative and trying out something similar. After all, it’s not impossible to deliver a sermon to thousands if not millions of people online. Moreover, you can send over gifts and spiritual subscription boxes to your active members that are willing to help the church out or become prominent community members.

One of the many advantages of operating a cloud-based church membership management platform like SubscriptionFlow is its ability to scale with your needs. This means you won’t have to opt for any other membership management software ever again because whether you have 100 community members or 10,000 members spread across the world, the procedure of signing them up, providing them with the same benefits and privileges of membership, and monitoring and tracking their membership and activity status will remain the same.

In fact, the more members you have, the better analytics you’ll get from your integrated church membership management system. These analytics will be provided by an AI-based system that uses past membership signup data and correlates it with the data available on current members, i.e. their activities, usage statistics, interests and issues, etc.

What this means is that you’ll be able to replicate the result of any successful campaign by targeting the leads provided by this state of the art system. For example, if you find that subscription gift boxes appealed to specific demography of people, you can use the same strategy but target the specific demography rather than running your subscription boxes campaign randomly.

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Conduct Church Operations Online

You can organize almost every type of event online, even those that require physical presence. In fact, compared to the limitations of a church compared to a grand cathedral, chances are that you’ll have a much bigger audience tuning in for the gospel as well as community events and daily sermons if you have an online platform that people can log on to with just a few clicks.

Subscription and membership management software like SubscriptionFlow give you real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities so that you can know what your members are engaging in. For example, you’ll not just be notified when a new member signs up, but you’ll also be able to immediately look at what they’re going through on their membership dashboard.

Moreover, should you send out newsletters, invitations and other forms of communique, you can see how many people are actually opening your documents/emails or interacting with your platforms online.

This level of accessibility allows church leaders to figure out what people are and aren’t interested in. Not only can you optimize your strategies to reach out to people, but you can also track their behaviours in real-time to gauge your progress.

With a church membership management system, you can also conduct open communication with any and every one of your members and should you feel the need to automate repetitive tasks, you can program the system to greet people, remind them of participatory events, ask them for donations, and even send out gifts and prayers to your members.

Reach Out to Inactive Members

It’s heartbreaking to see a vacant church. However, when it comes to retaining members, a church is no different from an organization chasing after its customers. You might not be doing it for the money, but you don’t want people to go simply because they didn’t have an interactive, spiritual or engaging enough experience.

This is why membership management software can allow you to not just ensure that all your members feel connected and heard, but also give you the ability to talk to members that choose to discontinue their membership and get their feedback if not convince them to stay.

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Get Started with Church Membership Management Software

Whether you’re sufficiently convinced or have peculiar questions you need answers to, you can call SubscriptionFlow experts who can not only help you decide what you need but also guide you through the whole process while setting everything up for you. So, don’t wait and call up now!