Simplifying the Checkout Process with SubscriptionFlow’s HPP Solutions

Even though people love to shop online but did you know that the shopping cart abandonment rate is up to 69% – that is alarming.

There are certain reasons why shopping cart abandonment goes up the ladder and one of them is adverse checkout experience which makes customers leave it.

Simplifying the checkout process is aided by hosted payment pages for the e-commerce market. Hosted Payment pages entail a number of features that make them optimal for the buyers who shop online.

With that being said, SubscriptionFlow’s hosted payment pages are designed in a way that provides ease to customers and has proven to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

This article will illustrate the features of an optimal hosted payment page that are also an integral part of SubscriptionFlow’s HPP.

HPP and Public Checkout Pages

Hosted Payment pages and public check-out pages are just like identical twins with a minute difference. Hosted payment pages are third-party web pages that you integrate into your system to make transactions secure and easily processed.

On contrary to this, the public checkout page is a checkout session in which the customer is sent an invoice for the products/services that they wish to buy. Once the invoice is sent to the customer, the details such as card details, user details, payment details, and other relevant details are left to be filled by the customer.

Hosted Payment Pages Solutions in SubscriptionFlow

SubscriptionFlow provides hosted payment page solutions that outshine all others. Let’s look into the solutions that we have for you.

Make it Global – Payment Gateways and Methods

An eCommerce business and website that serves millions of customers/users daily must strive for making their business global. Making your eCommerce business global has become a lot easier when the hosted payment pages support it.

For the SaaS business and eCommerce market, this is one of the top recommendations that have been listed as important. A hosted payment page must be able to support multiple payment methods as well so customers are allowed to process the payments they want to.

It goes without saying that payment gateways and payment methods go hand in hand. They are interlinked to each other for the fact that if one payment gateway does not support a specific payment method that the alternative must be selected.

SubscriptionFlow’s hosted payment pages will allow your customers to have multiple payment gateways and methods to have a successful checkout. We offer multiple payment gateways such as Stripe,, PayPal, and much more.

You can process your payment through debit cards, credit cards, ACH, and multiple other ways available on our platform.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

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Support Multiple Currencies

Ecommerce runs globally and from, an aerial view it’s huge.

This implies that you will have customers from all around the world with different currencies. Making your system capable of supporting multi-currency will take your business to the next level.

Get hold of the Hosted Payment Pages that can show amounts in the currency preferred by the consumer as this would give a great customer experience with special reference to customization and personalization.

Our platform supports multi-currencies and integration of SubscriptionFlow hosted payment pages into your website will bring conversions for you due to the easy checkout process and making your business global by providing a multi-currencies support feature.

Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility and customization are a continuum that eCommerce websites and businesses work on.

Apart from all of the flexibility and customization that you provide, the most important one is the customization for the execution of the payment process because that’s how the businesses scale. To give customers a flexible and customized experience, hosted payment pages must be able to offer as many payment gateways such as stripe, PayPal, and so on. and payment methods that can benefit the maximum number of buyers.

SubscriptionFlow provides APIs through which the integrations for the payment gateways are also executed seamlessly. Being a highly customizable platform, the hosted payment pages for eCommerce and related businesses give promising results.

Support Multiple Languages

مرحبًا! كيف حالك؟

(Hello! How are you?)

Oh, this is our feature that supports multiple languages in hosted payment pages.

If you do not give your customers the support for multi-language then this can be a not-so-good point. This results in binding customers to minimize cart abandonment. Enabling translation makes customers understand the whole experience while they checkout and add details easily.

Not every person can understand the global language and, therefore, the feature of translating the pages is most vital.

Our invoice customization also provides the translation in different languages such as Arabic, German, French, and many others.

With every step of the shopping and checkout experience, our public checkout pages are also customizable in accordance with the needs of users.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are inevitably important to the growth of the business. Processing payments without HPP might lead to the loss of data and other frauds.

With hosted payment pages, the security is in the bag. When the customer adds data while they proceed to checkout, the data does not pass directly through the website and is safer. To harness the payment processes and their security, it is important to make the system inclusive of top-notch security that complies with PCI Level 1. Assembled in the SubscriptionFlow, recurring billing and tokenizing the data can help secure it at its best.

SubscriptionFlow provides PCI-Compliant HPP solutions to the customers that save merchants from the hassle of fulfilling PCI compliance. Ensure timely payments and reduced card abandonment through our highly secured hosted payment pages.

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Bottom Line

Reducing the rate of cart abandonment is not an easy process but rather requires a lot of effort. Albeit, choosing the optimal practices and implementing them can drive your business from bottom to top in less than the estimated time.

Hosted Payment solutions can make that happen. With that being said, the choice of HPP must be made carefully to select the one that suits your interests best.

SubscriptionFlow hosted payment solutions can help you achieve more by simplifying the checkout process for customers. Get multiple currencies, payment gateways, payment methods, and much more in abundance.

To have this all, it’s time to take action.

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