Here Is How SubscriptionFlow Operates Nonprofit Membership Management Seamlessly

Running a nonprofit organization and looking for software that can manage it all? Well, you are at the right place.

It would not be wrong to say that nonprofit organization management is closely interlinked with the membership management system since both of them relate to each other in one way or another.

Nonprofit membership management entails a number of processes that have different pathways such as donor management, donor retention, administrative tasks, tracking donations, donation transactions, and much more.

In this article, we will read about how SubscriptionFlow renders its features and solutions for nonprofit membership management.

What does Nonprofit Membership Management entail?

Nonprofit membership management entails all relevant processes that come under the umbrella of nonprofit. To be more precise, nonprofit membership management, donor management, event management, membership management, members database management, and all administrative tasks are to be handled.

With that being said, to make a nonprofit run seamlessly, it must be equipped with the latest system and management platform that can do it all with automation.

SubscriptionFlow caters to a large number of industries and nonprofit is one of them. The nonprofit organizations are managed in SubscriptionFlow’s system as it provides integrations, payment gateways, recurring billing, event management, and much more. Let’s look in detail at how nonprofit organizations will be managed.

Donor Management

Nonprofit organizations directly link with charity purposes. With special reference to that, charity involves volunteers and donors. Donor management encompasses all processes related to the donors such as payments from donors, managing donor database, donor cultivation, and donation requests.

The system makes relevant categories that help organizations to manage their data carefully. Moreover, you will be able to maintain and maximize your relations with donors. Not only this but SubscriptionFlow also use strategies to keep the donors intact with the nonprofit organization.

To retain the donors, they are given different donation recommendations so that the donors can make choices even if they plan to change something. Creating a win-win situation is always the most suitable and preferred option of both companies and donors. Integrating SubscriptionFlow into your system would reduce the annual labor by automating all the tasks.

Multiple Payment Gateways and Payment Methods

For nonprofit organizations, the payment processes are the bedrock for which they have to be smooth no matter what. To enhance the payment flow and workflow, companies and organizations look for a payment management platform that is robust providing agile features. SubscriptionFlow provides a number of payment methods through which payments can be processed anytime seamlessly.

SubscriptionFlow, being a subscription and membership management platform, provides multiple payment gateways that can be integrated into your system. With multiple payment gateways, you will be able to process payments from Stripe, CardConnect, PayPal, Braintree, and much more.

With this, you donors will be able to process the payments i.e., charity amounts and donations globally. Without going through any hassle, with our charity management system, donors will be able to process payments seamlessly. Our system enables organizations to get a number of payment gateways integrated into their system, other than the already-mentioned ones. The table below gives information regarding the payment methods and payment gateways available for our clients.

Optimizing pricing and Payments with SubscriptionFlow Payment Methods

Optimizing pricing and Payments with SubscriptionFlow Payment Gateways

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Automated Donation Transactions

If there has been any gamechanger then it is automation. Software have automated processes and this has eased up organizations as they do not have to manually check it. With the help of nonprofit subscription management software, you can automate your system and relevant nonprofit organization processes.

The first and foremost important process is the donation transaction. Automated donation transactions are executed with the help of software as all the payments and transactions are carried out seamlessly with the information given to the system. You will not need to remember the dates to keep the check of the transactions and follow them up manually as the system will execute it all timely.

SubscriptionFlow facilitates its customers with online payment forms in which the relevant information of the members has to be entered. In the online payment form, the member has to give information regarding a debit card or credit card, their mode of payment, and the schedule of the payment for which the member will be charged on a recurring basis. Members can select the payment plan that suits them. Hence, with SubscriptionFlow, all the transactions on a recurring basis will be credited automatically.

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Security and compliance

For every organization and their members, security plays an integral role for which there must be a system that can ensure It all. SubscriptionFlow is a PCI-compliant software that ensures the security of companies and their data. SubscriptionFlow follows GRDPR rules and regulations to keep the data secured with layers of privacy. All the credit card and debit card information, along with the confidential information of the customer is protected under our privacy policy. A nonprofit organization can put their trust in SubscriptionFlow for their businesses and confidential information.

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Data Synchronization and Fundraising

For fundraising and the processes after fundraising, nonprofit organizations need to have software that can manage all business operations seamlessly. for fundraising campaigns and fundraising data management, nonprofit organizations can integrate different software such as accounting software and email marketing software for running fundraising campaigns.

This software syncs nonprofit organizations’ data with accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, and many others for end-to-end financial solutions. To run the campaigns for fundraising, SubscriptionFlow provides MailChimp Integration through which every related process can be executed.

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Final Comments

Nonprofit membership management is an accumulation of a number of operations. From managing membership payment processes to executing fundraising operations, membership management software does it all. By integrating SubscriptionFlow into your system, you will be able to manage your organization and related processes seamlessly.

Say goodbye to the manual hassle and bring in the membership management software for nonprofits!

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