Five Reasons to Choose SubscriptionFlow for WordPress Subscription Management

Have you ever wondered how subscription management platforms make the processes smooth for merchants and customers? Let’s dig in deep keeping in lens WordPress Subscription Management.

WordPress has earned a badge for a big name in the market in the emerging tech world and growing online customer base – the masters of all. With strong roots in statistics, WordPress powers 43.3% of the websites on the internet. Being a content management system, it allows to host and build websites, thus catering to a wide range of customers from all over the world and globe.

A website built on WordPress gives the leverage to the merchants for enabling subscription business and generating recurring revenue. With the help of WordPress subscription management software, you can manage every aspect of subscriptions and recurring billing with SubscriptionFlow. Here are the five reasons to choose SubscriptionFlow for the subscription management for WordPress.

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Subscription/Membership Plans Management

The first and foremost purpose of subscription management is to manage different subscription plans. May it be SaaS, membership plans, recurring subscription plans, recurring services, subscription boxes, and so on, all are to be handled through the specified platform. Our subscription management platform for WordPress enables merchants to offer custom plans and create a variety of charges for flat, metered, pay-per-use, or tiered billing, automate sales tax calculations, and process payments and reconcile with a merchant account, seamlessly. With SubscriptionFlow you can manage discounts, coupons, and their seamless execution as well.

Businesses offering subscriptions to their customers for offline products or services can create membership packages inclusive of different features tailored to the needs of members on their websites.

Not only that, but you can also integrate your eCommerce store builder such as WooCommerce by WordPress with SubscriptionFlow to lift your eCommerce subscription business. Subscription boxes or mystery boxes also fall under subscription and management of the eCommerce subscription market. With wide options to choose from, customers can get the subscription box according to their needs at the set intervals. The e-stores can be created on WooCommerce and integrate SubscriptionFlow to manage the subscriptions.

You can manage all the processes of your online subscription stores such as payment processing, creating subscription models, communicating with customers, invoicing, billing, and whatnot with our robust subscription management software.

Gated Content Subscriptions Management

WordPress is great for digital media, streaming, gaming, and other sites. Another emerging trend for subscriptions on websites is gated content subscriptions or memberships. To elucidate a little, gated content subscriptions require a user to give information for the login details, and purchase a subscription to access the content on the website that is not available otherwise.

From magazines, research journals, and live streaming, to all the types of media content, SubscriptionFlow renders its services for seamless management and execution of plans without any glitches and halts.

SubscriptionFlow for WordPress subscription management allows merchants for creating customized prices. With this, you can generate automated invoices, plan and manage renewals, and have a dashboard to fully operate and customize your subscriptions. Merchants can add the options for ongoing discounts and provided coupons for the ones who subscribe to the product or service.

SubscriptionFlow will help you to analyse customer behaviour and create a data-driven productive strategy for increasing recurring revenue generated through subscriptions.

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Recurring Billing System

It goes without saying that for the subscription management of WordPress, one needs to have the fastest solution for recurring billing management. Recurring billing, in the world of subscriptions, entails a lot more aspects such as generating invoices, managing different types of billing models, billing adjustments for subscription upgrade/downgrade/pause/renewals for customers, and building credibility with transparency and accuracy.

Subscription management is a recurring revenue management software and for users of WordPress subscription services, it automates all the billing systems from the most basic to the advanced level. Not only that, but you can automate billing schedules, create custom pricing strategies, set up multiple payment methods and collect payments in multiple currencies, track revenue.

SubscriptionFlow guarantees:

  • Prorate Subscription Plans
  • Customize Hybrid Billing Models
  • Freemiums, Trials, Rewards, and Coupons
  • PCI Compliance and Transaction Security

Seamless Multiple Integrations

For operating subscription businesses with agility, SubscriptionFlow equips merchants and customers with third-party integrations. Multiple third-party integrations facilitate businesses to sync data between applications and bring operational flexibility across the business processes.

SubscriptionFlow provides a number of different integrations from the content management system to software and applications for payment processing, tax management, and marketing management – all available on one platform.





Payment Gateways







Sales Tax Management Avalara
Email Marketing and Customer Engagement MailChimp
Customer Support Zendesk

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)






Customer Management System (CMS)





Accounting Software Xero

QuickBooks Online

eCommerce Shopify
Team Management Software

Sustaining Business Health Tracking

For merchants, achieving good business health and sustaining it are the two most important things. Business health is a result of managing every aspect carefully and not leaving room for any loopholes. With SubscriptionFlow reporting & analytics tools, analyze recurring revenue, and customers behaviours, and predict recurring revenue as well. Analyze monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value, and customer pain points to manage churn rate. You’re your finance maters to generate quick reports and summaries for a customer, revenue, and growth planning and management to plan strategies.

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