Let SubscriptionFlow Help You Selling Your E-Magazine Subscriptions Like Hot Cakes

With time, it has been becoming a more and more taxing task to keep winning in the magazine and newspaper industry. Especially, today when all magazines, newspapers, and periodicals are shifting to the digital world and offering their electronic versions.

So, magazines and newspapers try miscellaneous things to somehow give a boost to their businesses. Many are opting for magazine subscription management. However, we will take you towards some of the challenges that many magazine businesses face so that you will have a clear picture when we will discuss the tactics to increase sales of e-magazines and e-papers.

Overview of Challenges Faced by EMagazines

Apple launched Apple News, Google introduced Google AMP, and Facebook also started Facebook Notify. When such big names are coming to offer their customers updates regarding news, articles, and other pieces of information, what does that indicate? It simply means that there is a margin for increasing the revenue.

However, you just need to change your approach a bit and start thinking about revenue diversification rather than just revenue growth.

But first, beware and prepare to fight these challenges as an e-magazine business.

Payment Failures

When you are in the digital world, payments are usually received through online channels. And there can be certain complications when you receive online payments. The biggest of all challenges or issues is payment failures. The causes of online payment failure can be numerous, but an apt solution is to opt for magazine subscription software that will automate the complete processing of magazine subscriptions.

Payment Recovery

Another grave issue that arises after the payment failures for magazine subscriptions is the recovery of the payments. The SaaS solutions that are not efficient enough cannot manage the payment failures, and they simply cancel the subscriptions of the subscribers. You not only lose a subscriber but the subscription fee for the magazine subscription plan as well that the subscriber was getting. You can integrate more than one payment gateway to ensure that in case of payment failure, you can receive payments through the other gateway.

Subscriber Satisfaction

Just like in the real world, timely delivery, discounts, offers, quality content, and such things keep your loyal readers loyal for a long time, the same applies to the digital world. The only difference is that in the digital arena automated software are used to manage magazine subscriptions. So, keeping magazine subscribers loyal is sometimes a challenge.

Your Strategy to Increase E-Magazine Sales

Now, coming towards your strategy to increase the sales of the e-magazines and e-papers, the following are some suggestions for you:

1. Magazine Subscription Management Software

The first thing that needs to be done is to adopt reliable magazine subscription software. The magazine will automate the complete process of subscription management from billing to payment processing and revenue management. Also, you will be able to integrate other software with the core software so that you can manage all business activities from the same platform.

2. Gift Subscriptions

The whole magazine and e-newspaper industry work on the subscription billing business model. And here is a tip for all those who want to increase or diversify their revenue—offer gift subscriptions. It means offering your customers the option to gift their subscription plans to their contacts. Magazines and books are amazing gifts for binge readers. And in the digital era, readers get the chance to gift magazine subscriptions to their loved ones is amazing.

3. Boxed Subscriptions

When you offer something inside a box, there is attached a psychological factor—it looks like a gift. You can offer a box of magazine subscriptions to your customers. However, first, you need to plan and think about what needs to be inside the subscription box. You can put the best journals inside the box or make a box of magazines from the past six months etc. What you put inside the box will also depend on the nature of your business.

4. Multiple Payment Methods

Payment is a complete experience for your customers. And to make this experience the best one you need to offer your customers the payment method of their choice. Today, the entire customer base of magazines and e-papers does not agree to pay by using the same payment method. So, you need to make sure that more than one payment gateway is integrated with your subscription management software for the magazine so that you can offer customers multiple payment methods to your customers. When magazine subscribers are given the payment methods of their choice, they make payments in time.


Today, the competition in the digital media industry is tough. And to beat the competition you need to go the extra mile only then you can expect to boost the subscriptions for your e-magazine. SubscritpionFlow is a magazine subscription management platform. Schedule a demo for SubscriptionFlow and find new avenues of business success.