How HubSpot Automation Works For Your Business

Automation started impacting the world at the beginning of the 19th century when people were experiencing the end of the second Industrial Revolution. With time, automation became the basic need of small, medium, and large organisations. Small companies need automated tools because they target to become part of the mainstream. Medium-sized enterprises opt for sophisticated software and hardware because they have to compete with big market players shortly. And large enterprises have to compete with other giants and maintain their position.

Today, there are a plethora of SaaS companies offering their products and services, and it has become difficult for subscription-based businesses to choose the right software to build their tech stack. Including the logo maker tool and multiple software, HubSpot PayPal integration is a robust tool that various organizations can use to streamline their marketing and sales operations as well as payment processing.

In this piece of writing, we will enlist some of the reasons that are sufficient to convince any business to opt for HubSpot integrations.

1. Support Marketing & Sales Processes

Recently, the modes of marketing have changed. There are many digital platforms that many businesses effectively use to market their products and services. HubSpot Marketing Hub is an automated tool specifically designed for marketing teams. From content management to marketing campaigns, it assists businesses throughout. It has different tiers to offer as per the niche and size of your business. Just like Marketing Hub, there is another set of tools—HubSpot Sales Hub. This tool is so effective that you will experience an immediate boost in the number of your lead conversion rate.

2. Inbound Marketing

HubSpot has opted for a flywheel strategy to attract, engage, and satisfy leads and customers. And they lay the foundation of flywheel strategy on inbound marketing. Because with inbound marketing, they can attract and engage with customers in a better way. When you succeed in attracting enough leads, you can move to the next step of marketing—advertise your products and services with quality content. A robust tool like HubSpot makes the first phase of communicating with the leads and customers easy for you.

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3. Shortened Sales Cycle

Sale is a complete cycle and if this cycle completes in more time, then it means lead conversion is slow. The ideal situation is to have a short sales cycle so that you can convert more leads to customers. HubSpot Sales Hub help in shortening this sales cycle so that you can convert more leads into customers. Effective inbound marketing plays a significant role to shorten the sales cycle.

4. Easy to Use

HubSpot is an easy-to-use tool. And platforms like SubscriptionFlow also offer training to their clients to effectively use this platform. Sometimes, companies adopt software that is robust and effective, however, their employees are not pro at using this software because of which they have to conduct training for their employees so that their teams can perform and achieve the set business targets.

5. Apt for SMBs

It is normal in this age of digitalism that some software are considered apt for startups, some for medium-sized businesses, and some of them are considered the best for large enterprises. However, HubSpot offers a platform that all SMBs can use and achieve their set targets. Moreover, HubSpot offers a wide range of features and applications that you can get integrated with the HubSpot CRM depending on your business needs.

6. Free Version

HubSpot also offers its free-of-cost version that you can use to try its effectiveness. Even if you want to run it as a pilot project, you can go for it. If you find it worthy, then you can go for its premium version and integrations to enhance the functionalities so that you can run all your business processes from this platform.

7. Integrations

HubSpot is also a flexible and scalable platform that you can use. As has been mentioned that HubSpot is offering various functionalities and integrations. However, all businesses do not need all the features that this platform offers. Then what to do? You can contact SubscriptionFlow experts because they can help you integrate only those applications that you need for the processing of your business. You can also get a recurring payment system of SubscriptionFlow integrated with HubSpot so as to handle subscriptions as well as marketing & sales of the business on one platform.

8. Contact Management

Managing the contacts is the basis of marketing and sales. You need to define buyer personas so that you can onboard loyal customers. Also, you need to segment contacts to identify potential leads, customers, dormant customers, and churned customers. From lead nurturing to making your customers loyal, you can handle everything with HubSpot integrations. Compactly, you can implement your contact management strategy with HubSpot integration.

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9. Customer Data Management

One of the very important features of HubSpot is to track customer data. This platform enables users to even track the traffic that visits the website. This data tracking of even the traffic further helps in segmenting the contacts. When you have rightly segmented customers, it is very easy to rightly approach them and bring them on board.

10. Leads Management

Managing the leads is another important factor. When leads are properly managed, the chances are high that they will turn to be your customers. HubSpot allows you to manage your leads.

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11. Email Automation

Emails are an essential part of marketing. Even the emails that are not meant for marketing, market your brand. HubSpot facilitates to execute email campaigns as per the business needs. Though email automation is to generate the right content of the email for the right people and send it at the right time, automation saves a lot of time that your team can spend on other crucial matters of the business.

12. Email Templates

Under email marketing, HubSpot also offers its clients email templates that they can use as per their business needs. There are meticulous details that a marketer needs to take care of while formulating an official email. For instance, even the logo, name, and address of the company needs to be placed carefully in the right place. Then if you need to market something, it has to be part of the email but in the right position. HubSpot email templates free your team from taking care of these minor details and offer pre-set email templates.

13. Email Scheduling

There are many official and unofficial events on which a company needs to send emails. For example, now Christmas is about to start and many SaaS companies and industries wish Christmas to their customers and clients. They offer them lucrative packages and products which is of course a chance for the business to upsell. However, all departments have so many other tasks to complete. So, software like HubSpot can schedule emails to be sent to all customers on these events and occasions.

14. Email Tracking

There are certain emails that need to be tracked. If you send a marketing email, you need to track whether the email was read or not. Whether it is replied to or not. Such events are part of email tracking and HubSpot enables you to track emails so that you can cater to potential leads and turn them to customers.

15. Multiple Gateway Support

As has been discussed HubSpot is flexible enough to integrate other software. It feasibly integrates multiple payment gateways to ensure the security of payments. You can contact SubscriptionFlow experts to get multiple payment gateways integrated with subscription management software. For example, you can get HubSpot Stripe integration or HubSpot PayPal integration or both depending on your business need.

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16. Multiple Currency Support

HubSpot support multiple currencies. So, you can cater to customers from different regions of this world. Today, it has become a norm to offer customers to pay in local currency. So HubSpot facilitates its users to improve customer experience and retain the customer base by offering multiple currency support.

There are so many other reasons to prefer HubSpot integration and HubSpot invoicing and payments. If you are convinced that HubSpot can help you take your business to new heights, then contact SubscriptionFlow experts now.