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SubscriptionFlow & Authorize.Net—Your Shield To Fight Frauds This Holiday Season

In a world full of scams, frauds and hackers, the last thing you need is to worry about online transactions. As the holiday season has come, it’s time to start thinking about how to best protect your business from fraudsters and other criminals. With the right tools in your arsenal, you can keep one step ahead of the game by ensuring that all incoming payments are secure, legitimate, and compliant with industry standards. Let us dig deeper into it before we learn about subscription management integration.

Frauds Faced By Subscription Businesses

There are different kinds of fraud that subscription businesses encounter.

Card-Not-Present Transactions

A card-not-present transaction is any purchase where the customer’s credit card information is not physically present. This can include online purchases, telephone orders, or even mail orders. The risk of fraud is higher in these types of transactions since it’s not possible to verify whether the person providing the card information is actually who they say they are.

Fake Subscription And Identity Theft

When customers sign up for a subscription service, there’s always the risk that their payment details could be stolen and used to create fake subscriptions or steal their identity. Fake subscriptions can result in lost revenue for your business since you’re still responsible for any charges incurred from fraudulent activity. Meanwhile, identity theft can lead to serious financial repercussions for both the customer and your business.

Frauds Regarding Chargebacks

Chargeback is the valid option that subscription businesses offer their customers to compensate in case of a mistake in order delivery, however, sometimes, customers exploit their retailers or merchants with this feasibility that you offer. Fake filing for chargebacks can lead to significant losses for your business since you’re required to reimburse the customer for any disputed transactions.

Make The Most of Your Tech Stack by Paystack SubscriptionFlow Integration

Combat with the Duo of SubscriptionFlow and

A payment gateway is a third-party service that processes and secures transactions, making sure any sensitive data is protected. integration offers a variety of tools to detect and prevent fraud.

Address Verification Systems (AVS)

An address verification system (AVS) compares the billing address and shipping address. If there’s a mismatch or discrepancy, then it’s likely that the transaction is fraudulent and should be declined.

Card Security Codes (CVV2/CVC2)

A card verification value (also known as CVV2 or CVC2) is an extra layer of protection for credit and debit cards. These codes are located on the back side of a card and are not embossed or printed on any receipts, making them harder to counterfeit. A payment gateway will require customers to enter their card security code before processing any payments.

Verified By Visa Or Mastercard Security Code

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are two-factor authentication protocols that require customers to enter a one-time password before any payments are processed. This helps to protect against fraud since it ensures that the person making the purchase is actually the cardholder.

The Most Potent Combo

SubscriptionFlow & have come together to offer you a dependable shield from financial fraud. This alliance provides your customers with secure payments using top-notch security technology. With the acceptance of credit cards and debit cards, subscription billing with guarantees complete safety for your customers’ sensitive data—including personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers. All transactions are authenticated through various layers of encryption and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, making sure that no one can access your customer’s data other than the authorized recipient.

Embrace 2023 By Integrating NMI With SubscriptionFlow To Optimize Your Business Growth

When The Sales Are High, The Stakes Are High

Integrating SubscriptionFlow and is beneficial to businesses during the holiday season when sales tend to be higher than usual. The combination of these two services provides businesses with a secure payment gateway that utilizes advanced fraud prevention tools and procedures, ensuring that any transactions made are legitimate and authorized. Additionally, SubscriptionFlow offers subscription management features such as automated billing, prorated invoicing, customer segmentation, and more, making it easier for businesses to manage their subscriptions during times when their customer base is growing. Lastly, integrating these two services allows businesses to offer an improved customer experience by providing an easy-to-navigate checkout process that is secure and reliable. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction during the busy holiday season.

In conclusion, integrating SubscriptionFlow with can help businesses reduce the risk of fraud while providing a secure and reliable checkout process during the holiday season. The combination of these two services is also useful for effective subscription management and offering a better customer experience. This makes it easier for businesses to meet their customers’ expectations during busy times, ultimately leading to higher conversions and increased profits.

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