Time To Think Inside The Box To Choose Right Products & Services To Add In A Subscription Box

The subscription billing business model is successful, but the success of subscriptions inside a box depends on several factors. According to Statista, personal care and food boxes are the most popular subscription boxes in the European community. The reasons that why food and personal care boxes are most desired not any other consumer product in Europe, help you identify the factors that can make subscription boxes a success.

Even if your subscription business is established & you use the best subscription management tool, there is no surety that the subscription box of your product or services will bring the same outcomes. We are going to discuss the aspects that you need to ponder over before curating a box of subscriptions and some intriguing boxes that can be offered to increase the customer base.

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Factors That Make A Subscription Box Successful

Today, you can find subscriptions for shaving products, animal bones, guitars, socks etc. Time has gone when subscriptions or recurring billing used to be considered to be meant only for SaaS services or products. Presently, many businesses are opting for innovative means to find entry points in the subscription business market.

Many businesses opt for recurring billing and use cloud-based subscription management platforms, nonetheless, not all of them can offer subscription boxes. To turn your subscription box profitable you need to identify:

  • The recurring need for your product or services inside the box
  • Your business niche
  • Type of the product that you offer
  • The product value
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Targeted market

One of the primary factors that you need to identify is the recurrent need for what you are going to offer in your subscription box. For instance, a box of socks will probably be attractive for customers in winter. However, pairs of socks in a box will be sufficient for the whole season that the customer will not need to continue subscriptions for the box of socks pairs. You see, how important it is to pinpoint the need that can bring back customers again and again.

Second, your business niche is an important factor to consider so that you can curate the subscription box that customers would love to have repeatedly. For instance, subscription boxes for educational courses, magazines, and games etc. are always in demand because the subscription box business model suits education, newspapers & magazines, and entertainment businesses.

Third, the success of the subscription box also depends on the nature of the product that you are planning to add to the box of subscriptions. The type of product will be helpful in identifying the recurrent need for the product.

Product value is the fourth factor that counts when you are testing the product to add it to the subscription box. Product value is the worth of the product considered by the customer. Product value is required to price the subscription box. It is already challenging enough to make units of the SaaS product and to price it when you are offering it inside a box is even more challenging.

The next factor is customer satisfaction. If the customer feels that he is not getting enough from inside the box, then your subscription box can never be profitable for your business. Thereby, whether they are SaaS services or cosmetic products, whatever you put in the box, it has to satisfy the customer to the level that he feels he has paid for exactly what he is provided with.

When you are done with all the factors mentioned above, you will have to find your targeted market. After all, the effort that you have inputted to curate a subscription box need to be sold out. The box should be marketed to a clique that is actually interested in what you offer.

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Innovative Subscription Boxes to Offer in the Upcoming Days

Soon, there will be a wave of excitement for the Christmas holidays. This is the time when people have to travel. Now that the coronavirus episode is about to end and people are looking forward to enjoying the upcoming holidays the way they used to do in the past, some subscription boxes can actually benefit businesses. We are going to enlist some of them.

Hotels & Travel Subscription Boxes

There are many continental hotels already offering subscriptions, however, it is time to rejuvenate your businesses because humans are about to win the war against the pandemic. This Christmas, people will be looking for deals and discounts for exciting trips. You can satiate the wanderlust of many people across the world by offering exciting subscription boxes. Reputed brands including Marriott and Accor are already thinking on this line to offer monthly payment plans.

Nothing can be more exciting for travel addicts than a box of airline tickets, hotel stays, and local food. Even if you are not offering subscriptions for tours or hotels for the time being, now is your chance to test the waters because Christmas is the motivation for many people to travel and enjoy. All that you need is to harness their need to earn more revenue.

The scope of offering subscriptions for hotel stay and travelling is vast. With time, you can add new options to your box and cater to more customers.

Curated Sweet Boxes

Many people love sweets and Christmas is the best time to offer your customers to buy a box of curated sweets. If you have not started subscriptions for sweets, then Christmas is the even to give it a go. The sales of sweets and cakes are always on a boost when it is Christmas. Satisfactory sales of your curated sweets on Christmas will increase your confidence to keep making your customers happy by delivering sweets that they would love.

Pet Treat Boxes

People who keep pets always look for entertaining pet toys to keep them entertained. Now that the Christmas holidays are coming, pets also deserve treats during these holidays. So, pet treat boxes can be offered. And it is not just Christmas, but people need treats for their pets recurrently. Curate irresistible subscription boxes for different pets and start selling them now.

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It is hoped that the information in this article will help you curate one of the best subscription boxes that can boost your sales and diversify the revenue stream. SubscriptionFlow is an automatic billing software for subscription businesses. You can consult with experts available at the SubscriptionFlow platform to curate your own subscription box.