07 Ways SubscriptionFlow is An Apt Solution as the Best Online Subscription Billing Software for Your SaaS and Subscription Businesses

After the COVID-19, the global economy hurt badly. Businesses across the industries suffered a huge loss of revenue due to unpredictability and instability swept in the market.

The one-time billing businesses had witnessed more churn and loss of revenue. The studies figured out and emphasized that in addition to finding and acquiring new clients for extending the client base, retention is also inevitable for the revenue growth of businesses. This is why the subscription businesses have been demonstrating more stability and less churn after the outbreak of the coronavirus since 2019 until now.

In the post-pandemic world, businesses from across the industries contemplated the subscription business model adoption one way or another to come out of the existential crisis of revenue.

Enterprises from all over the verticals began switching their revenue models into subscription business models as it has shown more firmness, stability, predictability, and reliability of revenue and customer base during the crisis due to its recurring billing affinity in streaming the recurring revenue.

This express change has increased the demands for intelligent and intuitive recurring billing and subscription management solutions that can automate and streamline subscription billing and payment operations.

SubscriptionFlow is conceived and designed with the notion of extensibility, stability, and predictability to manage subscriptions for firms of all sizes—from small-, mid- to large-sized enterprises. It is a SaaS platform that enables subscription businesses to take maximum management benefits from it and boost their business growth and recurring revenue.

It is the best online subscription billing software with AI-enabled modules that can help to investigate verifiable deals information and can perceive beforehand undetected purchasing patterns, trends, and customer behaviors to figure out which possibilities are well on the way and guide merchants to devise strategies to extend customer lifecycle value.

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Why SubscriptionFlow?

SubscriptionFlow is a highly accessible, flexible, stable, predictable, and intelligent subscription management platform to manage subscription business processes like customer lifecycle monitoring and management, recurring billing, recurring payment processing, payment tracking, recurring revenue monitoring, and reporting from anywhere, anytime with the following objectives:

  • To save and precisely allocate resources by automating and optimizing recurring billing and payment processes and subscription management tasks.
  • To increase productivity and operational efficiencies.
  • To make faster business decisions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning recommendation, suggestions, warnings, and predictions.
  • To avoid manual mistakes and human errors by setting up a proper systematic and automatic workflow for subscription pricing, invoicing, payment processing, and revenue recognition, monitoring, and reporting.
  • To provide detailed insights from data mining to a vendor to predict or interpret customer preferences and offer them a better and enhanced personalized experience.
  • To mine vast amounts of structured as well as unstructured data to assist the sales team to generate quality leads and grow customer base.
  • To increase recurring revenue by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities.
  • To track and monitor the KPIs by SaaS analytics in real-time.
  • To grow expertise by enabling AI-augmented analysis and intelligent advice and support.
  • To provide scalability solutions with a range of third-party application integrations to establish a one-window operational mechanism.

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SubscriptionFlow Offers All the Benefits of the Best Online Subscription Billing Software for Businesses

SubscriptionFlow as a suitable Subscription billing and management software provides all-embracing modules to businesses, such as price and plans optimization, automated invoicing, prorated billing, and taxation, AI-supported subscription health, customer risks, or online fraud payment detection and mitigation, maintaining and tracking the records of sales, customers, and transactions on a monthly and annual subscriptions basis, delivering custom functionalities to business, equipping the small business with all the necessary tools that will automate their manual sales process as described earlier i.e. billing (recurring billing), invoicing, payments, taxation, analysis, reporting, subscription management, and many more.

Read on to find out how it can help SaaS and subscription businesses to grease their wheel of business success and revenue growth by using the best online subscription billing software, SubscriptionFlow.

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Below are some of the product’s key takeaways that clients can consider for better understanding and feasibility for their business:

  1. AI-Driven Recurring Billing, Payment Processing, and Revenue Management System 

SubscriptionFlow is implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) innovations to provide customers with timely next steps that ensure best practices are used throughout their subscription process.

  • SubscriptionFlow helps to uncover hidden sales opportunities through AI techniques.
  • SubscriptionFlow uses AI to reduce the churn rate for businesses.
  • SubscriptionFlow helps to maximize customer renewal rates based on their previous history.
  • SubscriptionFlow uses AI tools to provide businesses with an insight to predict customer preferences and offer them an enhanced personalized experience.
  • Using ML and DL, it discovers, structures, reads, and identify patterns and behaviors in the customers’ data sets to help businesses detect risks and mitigate them as early as the information entered into the systems.
  1. Flexibility 

SubscriptionFlow offers subscription personalization with its custom modules and custom workflows built for small and medium-sized businesses. Now, firms of all sizes can experiment with growth and success with our scalable functionalities. Our ease of subscription management, such as automated recurring billing, proration, dunning, AI-mediated pricing optimization, flexible integrations will empower teams to execute subscription changes with confidence.

SubscriptionFlow offers scalable customization to its business clients at every step. How? When it comes to billing, SubscriptionFlow lets businesses customize their billing and payment processing cycles any time they want to.

  • SubscriptionFlow lets you design your subscription system as per your needs and requirements.
  • A highly customized dashboard allows clients to take the lead and generate custom tables, forms, and functions following their requirements, enabling them to track and monitor the business and revenue as they want.
  • Faster navigation and less intimidating system UI.
  • Responsive and interactive UX.
  • Customizable workflows and advanced actions.
  • Webhooks let businesses stay abreast of all the triggered actions. Make your application integration even smarter with SubscriptionFlow webhooks.
  1. One-stop Solution

SubscriptionFlow serves as a complete ecosystem for a subscription business. No matter how many departments a business has to manage, it will serve as a full-fledged software solution to cater to all your subscription aggravations and streamlines RevOps across the board through the integrations.

  • SubscriptionFlow offers all the services of automated invoicing, billing, payments, proration, dunning management, monitoring, reporting, support, and analytics in one place.
  • SubscriptionFlow helps marketing and sales teams and managers to market better and boost sales and finances based on AI recommendations and suggestions.
  • SubscriptionFlow can act as a complete support system for your customer’s queries.
  1. Feature-Rich System

 The rich feature set in SubscriptionFlow has provided the framework for businesses to grow in all areas of subscription. SubscriptionFlow lets businesses to allow customers to create, manage, upgrade, downgrade, postpone, pause, cancel, reactivate, and extend your subscriptions with grace with the self-service portal. Clients can also handle all the upgrades and downgrades or any mid-cycle changes made in the subscriptions at any point in the billing cycle. All in all, customer-client portals empower the subscription system eco-system to minimalizes the efforts and create more engagement with all the automated features throughout the subscription lifecycle in a few clicks.

  • SubscriptionFlow offers no coding assistance.
  • SubscriptionFlow allows e-commerce customers to create their online stores using our website builder.
  • SubscriptionFlow built-in features and functionalities allow easy and flexible integrations and manage hassle-free cross apps working and synching.
  • SubscriptionFlow software is Level 1 PCI-compliant, which means we maintain the highest level of security available to you and your customers.

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  1. Easy to Use Online Application

SubscriptionFlow is designed in a stress-free and easy to operate manner. Its UI and UX has kept simple and subtle so that users can easily comprehend the dashboard and the associated functionalities in the first go.

  • Create an easy and custom dashboard using a simple ‘add component’ or ‘drag and drop’ features.
  • Find the latest, automated, and advanced reports in a click within the control panel.
  • Become extraordinary, spot subscription leakages, and engage with your customers conveniently through SubscriptionFlow analytics in the dashboard.
  1. Subscription Analytics and Reporting

SubscriptionFlow analytics and reporting aided by the innovations of automation and artificial intelligence are the most prospective and insightful assistance of our subscription management platform.

  • SubscriptionFlow Analytics helps reducing the churn rate and retaining customers by identifying the revenue leakages and losses due to expired or declined cards, payment failures, insecure payment processing, and involuntary churn.
  • SubscriptionFlow offers real-time revenue management and forecasting.
  • SubscriptionFlow Analytics such as MRR, ARR, CLV, etc. monitor KPIs and the health of the subscription business.
  • Real-Time Analytics such as churn rate, subscriber life-cycle, and MRR assist the end-user to gauge and track subscription plans right from SubscriptionFlow’s intuitive dashboard.
  • It makes calculated decisions based on in-depth reporting and analytics with role-specific dashboards, custom reports, shareable reports, and alerts powered by automated processing of data with the help of AI.
  1. Vertical Specific System 

SubscriptionFlow acts as the best fit for multiple industries. It is the software designed in keeping numerous business industry’s needs and demands in view. It is ready to go software. You do not have to invest much time and energy into it. The built-in functionalities work perfectly with every business niche. The SubscriptionFlow’s solutions can further be segregated into the following sections:

By Role

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technology

By Market Types

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2B
  • C2C
  • B2G
  • G2B

By Industry

  • Media Industry
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Trade
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • IT and Telecom
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Power Sector
  • Utilities
  • Automobiles
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • And Many More

Talk to the recurring billing experts and subscription business consultants to learn more about implementing the best online subscription billing software that can gives your SaaS or subscription business bigger and stronger wings to fly higher and safer.