Self Service Subscription Software

This is How Self Service Subscription Management Portal is Improving Customer Satisfaction for SaaS Companies

Customer satisfaction is achieved when your customer service is impeccable, hands-on, and addressed issues promptly. For customer-centric businesses like the subscription-based business model, you need some active tools for timely addressing customer queries and giving your customer control and transparency in their subscriptions. Driving company resources for providing customer insight and control their subscriptions.

As customers are now the center of SaaS businesses, they drive sales, engagement, make repeated purchases, and allow your recurring revenue to grow steadily, you have to look towards enhancing their customer experience constantly. So why is your customer experience central to their purchase behavior? Well, since subscription-based businesses rely on repeated and recurring renewals from customers, their focus should also be on adding value to their customer’s experience with their brand constantly. SubscriptionFlow understands the need for an impactful subscription management software that places your customer to the center of your business model. This is why our Self Service Subscription Management Portal has proven effective for users to improve their customers’ satisfaction.

Everything your Self Service Subscription Management Portal must-have

When you are using Self Service Subscription Management Portal, it will allow your customers to see their subscription history, purchases, subscription plans, and upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans. From their Self Service Subscription Management Portal, your customers can also view knowledge bases to find answers to their queries. This gives your Self Service Subscription Management Portal, an added advantage of functioning as a customer service portal as well. Essentially your customer service teams will benefit from Self Service Subscription Management Portal as it allows their customers to help themselves.

Moreover, Customer Self Service Portal also displays customer information that your customers can edit any time. This will help your customer relationship management and, you will not have to send repeated reminders to your customers to update their payment or shipping information. Customer churn is difficult to manage, but with SubscriptionFlow’s Self Service Subscription Management Portal, you will experience visible differences in your recurring revenue on a monthly or yearly basis. This does not necessarily mean that your customers’ are canceling their subscription due to the unavailability of Self Service Subscription Management Portal but giving your customers visibility in their subscriptions, adding a knowledge base for their queries and control over their subscription plans will give them a better experience than your competitors.

Reasons why your Company Needs a Self Service Portal

The goal and incentive behind designing our CRM and subscription management software were to help companies streamline and centralize their ERP, customer management, and subscription management processes. We have achieved this by offering tools like Self Service Subscription Management Portal, allowing our users to provide better customer experience to their audience. Aside from being able to view subscription history and making changes in their information, your customer service or CRM team will also be sent email notifications whenever your customers make any changes.

Simplify Customer Service

Rather than answering queries about how to make minor changes in your customer’s payment information or requesting any changes, they will be able to make these changes themselves. Now your customer support agents will not have to address these minor queries themselves and you will experience major ticket deflection. Having fewer tickets than before will indicate that your customers are now more knowledgeable than ever. Giving your customers a Self Service Subscription Management Portal will allow improving your customer satisfaction but the quality of your customer service as well. By simplifying your customer service, the productivity of your customer service agents will improve visibly. You can also add community forums for the integration of user-generated answers or linking answers to your knowledge base.

Add and Enhance your Knowledge Base

Speaking of the knowledge base, Self Service Subscription Management also allows you to add a knowledge base that you can add to your official website or use integrations like Zendesk or Freshdesk. With the help of these integrations, your customers can access frequently asked questions, solution articles, and more announcements about product features or new offers. Your knowledge base, although not mandatory, can be a part of your Self Service Subscription Management as well. The purpose of adding a knowledge base will improve your customers’ information about your products. When your knowledge base is extensive, your Self Service Subscription Management will allow your customers to solve queries themselves and enhance their experience. This feature will also improve how your customer service agents’ performance as well. All in all, when you are using Self Service Subscription Management and using our customer self-service portal, both your customers and you will harmoniously work together for value-added experience and long-lasting relationships.