Benefits of NMI Gateway Integration for Subscriptions

The Benefits of NMI Gateway Integration for Subscriptions

Before talking about NMI gateway integration, it is important to understand what role payment gateways play. In the world of SaaS, a payment gateway is like a toll booth at which you pay a small fee to go from point A to point B. Some part of that fee goes into the owner of that toll booth’s pocket, while most of it goes to maintaining the road on which you travel.

The NMI payment gateway too is a similar service that connects the payments made by consumers with merchants’ accounts to securely and efficiently transfer the payments for them.

But you already knew all of this, right? You have probably already integrated a payment gateway and may just be on the lookout of alternate options for your current payment gateway. Or you may be someone who specifically uses the NMI gateway and are on the lookout for a subscription-management software that will sync well with an NMI integration. Either way, you landed on the right blog.

In this blog, we will firstly be going over the specific ways in which NMI gateway stands out from other payment gateways (like Stripe or Braintree), after which we will delve deeper into why the NMI gateway integration with SubscriptionFlow works so well for those looking to pair a secure payment gateway with a robust subscription-management software.

What are the benefits of NMI gateway integration?

What are the benefits of NMI gateway integration?

1.   Diversity of Services

When pitted against Stripe or Braintree, NMI rises above them by offering a more diverse range of services for merchants. The diversity of these services hinges on them going beyond just the facilities that one expects from payment gateways. A few examples of these services are as follows: the ability to create better mechanisms for fraud detection as well as prevention and the setting up of accounts for merchants. The NMI payment system is also PCI SSC compliant and utilizes tokenization for recurring payments, ensuring that its fraud detection and prevention services are top-notch. Moreover, exploring the benefits of recurring payments and subscriptions in NMI enhances and understanding of its comprehensive security measures and value proposition.

2.   Usability

Though this may vary from user to user owing to their personal preferences, some users have pointed out that they have found NMI to be a payment gateway that was easier to not just set up but also to continually use than some of the other payment gateways like Stripe. While having an easy-to-use payment gateway may not feel like such a big deal, in the long run, it is almost everything—you do not need to invest in having highly technically literate labour that is able to master your slightly more challenging-to-use payment gateway.

3.   Availability of Countless Integrations

NMI is great for integrating with a host of various software that serve different functions such as marketing, subscription management, CRM, and sales, among others. Having such an accommodating payment gateway really help you build a winning SaaS stack, provided your other software too are just as integration-friendly!

4.   Extensive Payment Options

NMI payment gateway allows merchants the option of accepting multiple currencies like the USD, the Euro, and CAD, among others. It also powers all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, among others.

Not only this, but NMI also supplies a Virtual Terminal for making convenient phone and mail orders making it an especially gifted payment gateway for business, catering to older customers who are not tech-savvy enough to place orders on your store’s website.

5.   Omnichannel Sales

NMI is a versatile payment gateway that supports various channels for processing transactions, such as in-store, online, and mobile payments. This includes modern methods like EMV and QR code-based contactless payments. What does that mean, you ask? Let us dig into it in a little more detail in the following paragraph before jumping onto the next main section of our blog!

What are EMV and QR codes and why do they matter for payment gateways?

What are EMV and QR codes and why do they matter for payment gateways?

EMV is the abbreviation for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. These are the three companies that created the original standard for making smart payments online. EMV is a payment method that uses payment terminals and automated teller machines to process the payments, and uses actual physical cards to store data using integrated circuits and magnetic stripes on the front and back sides of the cards, respectively.

QR codes, the short form of Quick Response codes, also serve to process payments. Essentially, they are barcodes that a smartphone camera, with an Internet connection, scans to quickly process payment information.

How does NMI handle EMV?

NMI’s top priority is to ensure that payment processing is as easy as possible for both consumers and your technical labour. And because NMI recognizes that its clients come from all walks of life, this is why it has various kinds of payment machines for eateries, mobile businesses, and even regular stores. What this does is that it makes it easy for the technical labour of all these different types of businesses to connect NMI to their business’s own checkout page.

Not only that, if you want even less hassle, NMI even offers apps for the App Store and the Play Store to make it easier for you to accept payments on your mobile device wherever you go.

How does NMI handle QR codes?

NMI makes QR code payments a breeze, offering a simple and safe option for both businesses and customers. Just think of it this way: merchants easily whip up QR codes that represent transaction details. Customers then whip out their smartphones, scan the code with their camera, and voila! They’re directed to a familiar online payment page, keeping everything nice and secure.

But the coolest part about NMI’s QR codes isn’t that they’re made just for buying stuff. These QR codes are versatile enough to handle everything from ordering off a digital menu to joining loyalty programs or even making donations. Some clever businesses even figured out a way for customers to shop online and pick up in-store using a QR code, all of which is managed seamlessly by NMI from behind the scenes.

Why integrate NMI with SubscriptionFlow?

Why integrate NMI with SubscriptionFlow?

By integrating NMI payment gateway with SubscriptionFlow, you can easily streamline your subscription management and payment processing capabilities. Such an integration will not only allow for the smooth processing of each individual payment, it will also ensure that these payments are collected in as secure and efficient a manner as possible.

Let us now go over some of the key advantages of NMI gateway integration with SubscriptionFlow:

1.   Improved Security

The NMI and SubscriptionFlow integration allows for features that include integrated measures for the prevention of fraud, more robust reporting abilities that allow you to make better decisions in the future based on these reports, and just generally quicker account updates which iron out any issues that may result from a delay.

2.   Greater Customization Capabilities

By integrating NMI with SubscriptionFlow, businesses can reconfigure the NMI payment gateway to tailor it to their own specific needs like having an instructional set of permissions for those who are allowed to administer the settings of the payment gateway, or even having the choice of selecting your preferred payment methods (like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)

3.   Better Subscription Management

Since SubscriptionFlow has been designed to optimize its user’s payments and automate their recurring billing, by integrating this software with NMI, you can leverage the payment gateway to further enhance the suite of functions that SubscriptionFlow offers. Doing this will lead to a marked improvement in your users’ customer experiences as their subscriptions will be handled more efficiently and their payments will be processed in a smoother way. Innovating managed services with a recurring billing model amplifies SubscriptionFlow’s capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience for both users and administrators alike.

An example of this is that by integrating NMI with SubscriptionFlow, you take out the need for manually billing your customers and/or processing their payments manually and all of it happens on the intervals you’ve decided on!


Integrating NMI with SubscriptionFlow can provide businesses with a powerful toolset for managing subscriptions and processing payments, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, better financial control, and an overall improved experience for both the business and its customers.

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