Using Paystack for Shopify Merchants To Empower Your E-Commerce Business

Using Paystack for Shopify Merchants To Empower Your E-Commerce Business

In recent years, an e-commerce platform, by the name of Shopify, has grown in popularity. It was launched by Canadian entrepreneurs in 2006 and it provides online store-fronts to businesses and manages their transactions and inventory seamlessly. It can also be dubbed as a great equalizer because it empowers merchants from all around the world by helping them gain an online presence.

The current booming e-commerce milieu can credit a huge chunk of its success to online payment systems. They give an easy electronic payment solution that allows merchants to trade with customers throughout the world seamlessly. Such payment systems provide fast, safe and convenient corridors for online transactions.

Thus, Shopify merchants rely on integration with payment processing services to give dependable services to their customers. These merchants are trading at such an advanced level that the challenges absolutely require reliable transaction services.

Paystack-Shopify Integration: A Revolution

A global customer base of Shopify merchants requires trade in multiple currencies and payment methods. This is just the tip of the iceberg and as we uncover, more and more layers of payment related problems pop up. However, the revolutionary Paystack-Shopify Integration has given a solution to all of these problems.

Paystack is a Nigerian based fintech solution company that provides seamless e-transaction solutions. It is a very integration friendly service which provides many benefits to e-commerce platforms like Shopify. It sets up reliable payment gateways, provides a diverse range of payment methods, can manage recurring billings, and  processes payments in multiple currencies. Paystack is also compliant with e-transaction data security measures and can provide analytical dashboards of customer data.

How To Set Up Paystack For Your Shopify Account

You would be surprised to know that despite offering such a wide range of benefits, Paystack is also very easy to integrate with Shopify. We have compiled a step-by-step list to breakdown the whole process:

●  Go to the Paystack website and sign up for an account.

●  In the “settings” feature on the Paystack dashboard, you will find your Application Programming Interface (API) Keys. API keys help in authentication when integrating Shopify and Paystack.

●  Visit your Shopify Account and locate the “Payment Providers” option in your settings.

●  Choose Paystack from the “Alternative Payment” options.

●  A field will pop up asking for API Keys. Enter the correct API Keys in each field for authentication.

●  Choose other payment settings if additional configuration is required.

●  Conduct test transactions to see if the payment process is running smoothly.

●  Your integration is live now. Go and conquer!

This gives you a basic outline of how the integration setup will pan out. However, if you still face any difficulties then refer to the official customer support of Paystack and Shopify to solve any outstanding problems.

Key Features of Paystack-Shopify Integration

In a nutshell, the biggest advantage of such an integration is that it is based upon a business model which prioritizes both the customers and the merchant. It creates a very comfortable experience for both parties throughout the process. Below is a compilation of a few of the important features that facilitate everything

●  Customer Friendly Service: Research points to the importance of customer experience in the overall success of a business. Customers are looking for a frictionless and user-friendly experience. This integration is easily accessible on all types of mobile phones and tablets, so customers can make easy payments from the comfort of their house. Moreover, there is prompt customer support provided in the case of any problem.

●  Global Scope: Shopify merchants are operating all kinds of businesses from many different parts of the world. This also opens up the room to new kinds of challenges which require localized solutions. A Shopify merchant operating out of the USA will have very different needs from the one operating in Nigeria. Thus, the solutions provided by Paystack for merchants in Nigeria might not be needed by the merchant in the USA and vice versa.

Shopify solves this issue by offering payment gateways for many different currencies. It also processes payments from a diverse range of payment methods including debit/credit cards, online cash wallets and bank transfers. Moreover, it can also process international transactions and varied billing practices like recurring fees.

●  Data Security Compliance: When customers make an online transaction, they trust businesses with their valuable bank information. Such information is of critical importance and thus always susceptible to misuse by hackers. There have been steps taken to protect the valuable information of customers.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), refers to the set of standards that have to be met by e-commerce businesses to be able to process online payments. These are quite complex regulations and it is a lot of burden for a common Shopify merchant to set up payment gateways that are compliant. Luckily, Paystack is PCI DSS compliant and it automatically sets up gateways for payment that are secure. This is a win-win situation for both Shopify merchants and their customers because the merchants get a compliant payment gateway and customers have protected data.

●  Dispute Handlings: A few bumps are to be expected in any business venture, but effective dispute resolution is what makes any business successful. Refunds are a very common example of issues that online businesses run in. However, Paystack can also facilitate merchants in this regard, which essentially saves them from doing tedious refund management.

Merchants can easily utilize the Paystack dashboard to initiate a refund and they can specify it by selecting a transaction or a customer. They can also choose to give a full or a partial refund depending on the circumstances and their policies. This is a very transparent process, as refund progress can be tracked from start to end. Moreover, it also gives a confirmation to either party when the refund is processed.


The Paystack-Shopify Integration is a truly revolutionizing process. It can open up a whole arena of opportunities especially for entrepreneurs belonging to third-world countries. It will help them realize their untapped potential. We strongly recommend budding Shopify entrepreneurs to seek out this service and reap the benefits of it firsthand.