B2B customer success

Data-Driven Strategies for Achieving Customer Success as B2B Business

Most B2B businesses suffer from making a viable and well-performing customer success strategy. With increasing globalization and customer diversity, it’s becoming more and more challenging to satisfy customers and cater to their needs.

Need for Effective B2B Customer Success Strategy

Suppose you are a B2B business having customers from multiple localities, demographics and industries. It would be really difficult to handle this diverse customer base as you would need to understand the pain points and preferences of each customer. This can lead to more unsatisfied customers, decreasing retention rates and recurring revenues.

These challenges demand an all-around customer success strategy which can serve all your customers and resolve their pain points. But making one requires significant expertise and continuous testing.

Most of the firms struggle to have such a strategy in place and thus suffer from low market shares. Some obvious reasons for failing at customer success strategy include:

Lack of Data-Driven Approach

One of the foremost reasons for failing at customer success strategy includes relying too much on intuitive senses and not having a data-driven approach in place. These days when buying is increasing in B2B businesses, it is becoming necessary to have a data-driven approach in place for serving specific customer needs. Relying too much on intuition can lead to an increased margin for errors and less customer satisfaction.


Another obvious reason for the failure of the customer success strategy includes inflexibility, which can lead to the churn of the customer. Inflexibility can be in terms of not incentivizing your customers or not understanding what they actually want from the business. It can also be there in terms of inflexible payment plans or the absence of customization in the service or product. All these factors can hurt customer sentiments and affect their trust in the business, which can be a hurdle in making longer-term relationships with your B2B customers.

Lack of Customer Engagement

Lack of customer engagement can lead to customers forgetting about your business. It can also make a customer shift to another platform which can be detrimental to your business. When business ignore their customers and forget to interact with them, consumers shift their loyalty toward other businesses. Lack of engagement with customers leads to low sales revenue, high churn rates and fewer opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell.

Ineffective Onboarding and Training

Ineffective onboarding and training can lead to customers shifting to other platforms. When customers shift to your platform, they expect smooth onboarding of their customer data and seamless integration of your platform or software with their software. Smooth and seamless onboarding can be challenging to achieve at times due to inflexibility or incompatibility of systems which leads to customers being churned. Similarly, it’s imperative to have professional training provided to customers to make them use the platform seamlessly. If customers cannot use the platform seamlessly, they may reduce their usage or try to shift elsewhere, which is a major blow to the growth of your business.

Making an effective customer success strategy for B2B takes time and effort. While most of the firms suffer to succeed at customer success, you can vouch for some differentiated and unique strategies which can allow you to handle your customers much more efficiently and engage them in the best possible way.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation can be an effective way of dividing your customer base into different segments based on similar characteristics. Customer segments are useful when you have a diverse customer base and have to understand their specific needs and requirements. Customer segmentation can lead to


After segmenting your customer base, you can define specific paint points for different segments and devise a tailored approach for each segment offering, customized product and service. This can lead to a high customer satisfaction rate and a very effective customer success strategy.

Personalized Engagement

Through segmentation, you can personalize engagement for each customer segment, providing them with relevant product updates which can add value to their business. Similarly, you can provide relevant recommendations for their business needs to improve retention.

Using Subscription-Based Billing Models

One of the trending ways to increase customer success involves adopting a subscription-based billing model to provide flexibility and ease of use to your customers. Subscription-based billing models save your customer from the hassle of paying a hefty amount one time to buy your product,. Rather you provide flexibility of shifting to monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. This can lead to more conversions and improved customer success.

Using a Subscription Management Software

After shifting toward a subscription-based model, you can integrate subscription management software which can lead to seamless subscription management and customer success. It can provide data-driven insights about your customers and their preferences.

Using accredited software like SubscriptionFlow can allow you to have multiple payment gateway integrations like PayPal, and Stripe. It can allow you to integrate multiple CRM software like Salesforce which is widely used by customers around the world. It can provide you with advanced data analytics for your customers, leading to higher customer engagement and customer success.

Continuous Customer Feedback

After implementing all the above-mentioned strategies, you can opt for customer feedback regularly, which can allow you to have one-to-one interaction with your consumers and allow you to find potential issues with your offerings, and optimize your strategy regularly. This can make your customers feel valued and remain intact with your business. Doing all this can lead to more retention and recurring revenue which is the goal for every business these days.

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