Increase Your Conversion Rate & Get More Value from the Traffic

Though many subscription-based companies are keeping ‘retention’ as their point of focus, the team SubscriptionFlow believes in the equal importance of ‘conversion.’ If leads do not convert, then in the end, who would be there to be retained?

There are 70,000 Google searches every second. So, uncountable people cast the line to fish in this ocean of information. How many of them come for your business? A fraction of these, right? And how many of these visitors turn to become leads and finally turn to be subscribers or customers?

You see, customers from the entire world in the digital arena are awaiting you to reach out to them, but reach out to them the way they want so that they may convert. And for that, you need conversion optimization.

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Your Conversion Optimization Strategies

Now that it is established that you need to increase the lead-to-customer conversion rate, you need to put in effort and energy to increase the conversion rate.

Website Traffic Monitoring

First, start by monitoring traffic. What can be done is to divide the website visitors depending on their activity on your website. It is probably interesting that companies do customer segregation, but here we talk about the segregation of visitors to the website. However, if you do it, things will be pretty streamlined from the very beginning.

They say, understand your customers! We tell not only customers but website visitors also needs to be understood because every customer used to be your visitor in the beginning. You can use subscription management software that offers the feature of analytics so that you can monitor such KPIs. Only then you can expect to extract the valuable traffic.

The Onboarding Not Only Acquisition

Second, another important thing to keep in check is that onboard customers rather than just acquire them. Customer acquisition is though difficult, it is one task. However, onboarding customers is the complete process. When you onboard customers:

  • You offer them a complete overview of the product that you provide them.
  • You can also go for in-app demos, descriptions, and pop-ups.
  • You address their queries.
  • You offer them customer training if your SaaS platform is too complicated.
  • Offer all-time available customer support or customer care.

Interactive Demos

Demos are the best ways to make users understand the SaaS product well. Also, you need to engage users with these demos. They should not be dry. And to make them interactive, add real-time images of your SaaS platform. You can make them in the local language and add subtitles to make things easy to understand. Some pointers to help you come up with the best SaaS demos are:

  • Keep in mind the targeted audience
  • Keep the demos short and engaging
  • You should opt for the problem-solving approach
  • Add relevant links and images

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Smooth Checkout Process

You need to keep the payment processing and checkout smooth and friction-free. These days, customers need the payment methods of their choice. They want the payment gateways of their choice. Why is this so? That’s because there are still many people who are not comfortable when it comes to sharing their card or bank information.

No matter they are comfortable or not, you need customers, and you will have to make them feel relieved. And to do that:

  • Integrate multiple payment gateways so that the customer will know your payment processing is secure.
  • Offer multiple payment methods support.
  • Let your customers pay you in the local currency.

It will help you offer customers the best checkout. Checkout is the last and the most crucial phase of customer acquisition. Any issues at this stage cannot only take away your new customer but also affect the existing customer base.

So, these are the SaaS conversion optimization strategies that businesses can opt for to get the maximum value from the traffic.

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SubscriptionFlow to Increase the Conversion Rate

If you are part of the SaaS business industry and want to increase your lead conversion rate, then SubscriptionFlow is here to help you. Many times, the customer comes for the trial and never shifts to the paid version. You need to nurture the freemium or trial subscribers rather than let them be on their own. SubscriptionFlow experts suggest you keep your trial short (maximum up to two weeks). And then ask the user to subscribe. Many SaaS companies are avoiding offering freemium because customers when using freemium do not shift to the paid versions at all or they start considering your SaaS platform for granted.

When you nurture the leads, data plays a significant role. SubscriptionFlow offers the feature of data analytics and reporting that the users can opt for so as to get useful data insights. These insights are needed to monitor customer activities. The activity of the customer will tell whether the user will come to the paid version or not. You will be able to plan your lead nurturing strategy accordingly.

So, schedule a demo for SubscriptionFlow now, and find out how we help you improve your conversion rate.