If You Want to Increase Your Product Stickiness, Then Observe Customer Activation Metrics

Marketing teams input their sweat and blood to convince customers to try your product or services. Likewise, sales teams are on their toes till they convince the customer to make a purchase. However, a retailer cannot bill customers unless they activate their subscriptions. So, these subscriptions do not add anything to the revenue stream without activations.

Sadly, many SaaS companies fail to bring customers towards subscription activation.

So, here is team SubsriptionFlow to tell you about the customer activation metrics that if monitored can help you increase revenue. Also, we will discuss some of the strategies that you can opt for to increase the customer activation rate for SaaS.

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Important Customer Activation Metrics

The first thing regarding customer activation handling is that you cannot be at ease even if you succeed in making the customer get activated. You need to make sure that the customer maintains its activity. Also, increase his activity by offering lucrative add-ons, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities.

However, first things first, the important customer product’s activation metrics include:

1. From Visitor To Signup Rate

While running a SaaS business, you need to monitor not only the customer journey but the journey and data regarding the traffic that visits your website. The tracking of this activity will offer you insights about the visitors that can turn out to be customers. You will be able to deal with the traffic to your website accordingly.

2. From Signing Up To Subscriber Rate

Even when the customer signs up, there is a chance that he becomes a subscriber. However, if the customer proceeds further and asks for a demo, then there are high chances of this customer turning out to be a subscriber. So, keep the signup rate of the customer under check.

3. Customer Churn Rate

Decide the timeframe after which you must check the customer churn rate. It will give you a holistic picture of how many customers are leaving and the reason for their subscription cancellations.

4. Customer Retention Rate

Retention rate is another major metric or KPI to monitor customer activity. Now that you have a clear picture of who signs up, who subscribes, and who leaves, you need to monitor the customers who are retained so as to keep them onboard and treat the incoming customers and subscribers accordingly.

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Your Product Stickiness Strategy

To put it simply, SaaS product stickiness means the product value of your product or services that will bring customers back for subscription renewal and better engagement.

The monitoring of customer activation metrics can help you in curating a better product stickiness strategy.

Offer Frictionless Signup

We all know how easy it is to sign in to an application or software. Users dream of having such easy and quick signup options. Though it is probably not possible to make it as simple as one, two, and three, you can make it feasible by considering the following suggestions:

  • Reduce the number of steps that the users need to cover to finally sign up.
  • Minimize the number of fields that the users are asked to fill in.
  • Limit the additional activities regarding product activation e.g. email verifications etc.

Consider signup a part of the customer experience, and try to offer your customers the best customer experience.

Show Users Personalized Welcome Screens

Make your welcome screen as attractive for the users as much as you can. For instance, address the user with his or her personal name. You can also use emoticons and emojis to make these welcome messages engaging enough. Also, add the links to the product overview. Such small things are all part of the user experience. You need to come up with the expectations of the users so that they continue doing business with you.

In-App Popups & Messages

You would have heard that you need to make SaaS platforms customizable so that the customer finds them user-friendly. In-app popups and messages make your SaaS product user-friendly. You need to plan onboarding activities while keeping the welcome messages and popups in mind. You can schedule messages for users. Educate your user about your platform through these popups and messages. Because the user will only know the power of your platform when he knows how to use it.

Walkthroughs of the Platforms

SaaS platforms must not forget the walkthroughs and introductory videos about their platforms. keep demos and walkthroughs highly interactive. Sometimes, SaaS platforms are too complicated to understand. Though documentation is provided to the user along with the software, the user needs your assistance to comprehend what you have provided him with. You can increase customer activation by offering free training along with your SaaS product or services.

In-App Self-Service Support

As has been mentioned that some SaaS platforms are quite complicated. The customer frequently comes to the customer support team. These frequent visits are equally annoying for the customers and the support team. So, there is a way to avoid it. Offer your customers in-app customer support so that they have the solution to their problems in hand. It will not only improve the customer activation rate but also lessen the burden on your support team.

Customer activation is indeed a prerequisite to product stickiness. It is hoped that by now you would know how to deal with the issues regarding product activation.

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SubscriptionFlow can help you keep your customers satisfied by enabling you to offer customers a personalized user onboarding journey and monitor the important customer activation metrics for SaaS that are mentioned in this article. So, you will be able to increase the activation rate.

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