SubscriptionFlow at Dreamforce

SubscriptionFlow at Dreamforce—We Are Part of This Exciting Event, Come, Join Us!

In San Francisco, Dreamforce is coming up to cater to the largest tech community, and above all, SubscriptionFlow is going to be part of it. Events like these are ways to come in contact with competitors. It is a way to have a reality check regarding the situation in the SaaS market.

The event includes several informative sessions, talks, and workshops that we are excited to attend. At this event, Salesforce is also launching Salesforce+ which will stream the videos of the on-demand events.

There are more than 180,000 attendees to this phenomenal event. Also, there are going to be more than 1000 sessions on tech businesses and the SaaS market. The event is being held under the umbrella of Salesforce, SubscriptionFlow offers integration with the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is the CRM for those who target customer success and its integration with our platform skyrockets the growth of SaaS subscription-based businesses.

So, here we are to motivate other partners, customers, and stakeholders of SubscriptionFlow to be part of the following informative sessions and workshops at this amazing tech event.

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Dreamforce Sessions That SubscriptionFlow Partners Must Attend

1. A Session on Sales Enablement to Expand Customer Base (20th September 2022)

Onboarding is an important event while you lure new customers to opt for your SaaS services or product. It is a crucial phase where it is decided whether you are going to have a loyal customer or not. Many customers come to the sales funnel but carelessness at the time of onboarding shoos away these customers.

So, this event can be a good catch for SaaS B2B platforms like HubSpot. HubSpot is a perfect CRM when it comes to marketing activities, but next to marketing is sales and onboarding. This session can bring new opportunities beyond marketing management.

2. A Session on Global Marketing Campaigns (20th September 2022)

In the SaaS business world, businesses target not just a local but international customer base. So, here is the session that we are attending. Come meet us there if you are also willing to boost your international marketing activities. The agenda of this session is to take marketing beyond borders to increase ROI. Let’s get ready to go global!

3. Session on Money-Making Approach (20th September 2022)

Tech companies that offer financial and healthcare services can attend this session. Money making is the target of every SaaS business. And to make money in the tech world, no one can deny the importance of customer data that offers useful business insights. That’s what is going to be the focus of this session—use customer data to earn more.

4. A Session on Hyperautomation (20th September 2022)

We are living in the age of automation and artificial intelligence. However, now we are moving to hyper-automation. If you are also keen to know more about hyperautomation and how is it changing the SaaS market, then join us at Dreamflow for this session.

5. A Session on Data Culture (20th September 2022)

Big data, data science, data analytics—this age belongs to customer data. If you want to leverage SaaS customer data, then join us to attend this session on the 20th of September.

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6. A Session on the Art of Creating and Using Data Stories (20th September 2022)

You have datasets, you have tools to analyze this data, and now what? It cannot benefit you unless you have the talent to use customer data and data analysis for the advantage of your SaaS business. We motivate our SubscritionFlow-Zendesk integration users and other partners to attend this session so that they will get a chance to know how to leverage the customer data.

7. A Workshop on Automated Salesforce Solutions (20th, 22nd September 2022)

All those clients who are enjoying SubscriptionFlow-Salesforce integration should be interested in this workshop. Here you have a chance to see how you can use automated business solutions to the fullest for your SaaS business.

8. A Session on Customer 360 (20th, 21st, and 22nd September 2022)

It is a detailed session that will be conducted for three days of this event. You can attend it any day. Here, you will know how to harness customer data and have a holistic overview of your customer. The session will cover the details of customer data not only regarding Salesforce but also Snowflake (cloud-based data platform).

9. A Question Answer Session with Data Experts (20th-22nd September 2022)

It is going to be a highly interactive session because there isn’t any SaaS business that does not need or use customer data. It is your chance to bring your concerns, ideas, and queries regarding data to the people who are experts at it. They have answers to all those things that bother you.

10. A Detailed Session on Chinese Retail Market (20th-22nd September 2022)

A usual perception about the Chinese market is that outsiders have a limited scope over there, but no more. We urge all SaaS businesses to be part of this session. China is a huge market and of course, they cannot do and produce everything inside China. At this event, you can find your entry point in the Chinese retail market.

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Team SubscriptionFlow is all geared up for Dreamforce, and we hope to meet partners, sponsorers, customers, and other stakeholders in the field. We hope that not only us but our customers and users can leverage this amazing event held by Salesforce.