Salon Membership Program

Create A Profitable Salon Membership Program & Implement It with SubscriptionFlow

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, attractive, and graceful? We don’t think there is any!

So, the need for beauticians, hairstylists, and makeover specialists has always been there. We are here to help businesses that monetize salon services because our experts believe salon or spa services cannot be provided on the basis of a one-time purchase.


Clients need services of salons and spas recurrently, and where there is a recurrent need, there are subscriptions.

There you go with how to create your salon membership program.

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Subscription Packages to Increase Salon Visits

The beauty treatment packages will provide the basis for your salon loyalty program. And when you curate beauty treatment packages consider:

  • The customer demand
  • The beauty trends
  • The pricing strategy
  • The updates on the online portal
  • The current bottom line of your salon

When you are done with these factors, you will have to decide the targets that you need to achieve with the beauty services packages that you intend to offer. Most salons offer such salon subscription packages for the following advantages:

  • Client loyalty and retention
  • An increase in the clientele
  • A smooth flow of revenue

Now is the time to tell you about some interesting salon membership packages that you can also offer:

Hair Color Subscription Package

Hair colour is something very risky and most people prefer it to get done by professionals. So, why not offer subscriptions for hair colour services? It can be another source of diversifying the revenue for salons. To make your services lucrative, arrange wigs of different hair shades so that your members or subscribers can try to see the shade that suits you best.

Massage Services

Today, the routine of people is tough, and they need to relax. And when it comes to relaxing, they head towards spa and massage services. You can offer monthly or weekly sessions. Make them more attractive to your customers by offering discounts on these services.

Facial Packages

Pollution is increasing every day, and our lifestyles need us to get out of our homes, face harsh sun rays, and protect our skin from dust and smoke. However, we cannot do it on our own. So, offer subscriptions for facials. Facial services are one of the most loved and in-demand services that salons offer.

Blow-dry Subscription Package

Whether men or women, everyone needs to do their hair every day. And to manage hair is not a cup of tea for everyone. No matter how many YouTube tutorials they go through, some people cannot manage their hair on their own. Also, many people need to attend official events or family events. And what is the most important thing when you prepare for such events?

Undoubtedly hair!

If you are working on salon subscription packages, then never forget about the hair. There is a huge customer base that is already waiting for such convenient subscription packages.

Extension Subscription Packages

Today, people get inspiration from their favourite celebrities. If their favourite actor or a model carries a specific look, then they need an exact match. If they are having lengthy hair, then fans dream of having the same look. Sadly, hair cannot grow in one day.

So, here is your chance to monetize the extension services. Hair extensions are already expensive, and no one wants them to somehow get damaged. The best way to handle these extensions is to let experts handle them. Now, here comes your chance to monetize these services. Offer extension subscription services.

Nail Care Services

You would have seen many nail care salons, and they offer solely nail care services. So, here is a tip for beauty salons and spas: you can either offer nail care services under the same brand name or separately. Nail care is not just about painting the nails with a beautiful pattern and nail paint rather it includes manicure, nail art, nail painting, and all other nail care services. When it comes to making a package of nail care services membership, you can offer:

‘Bring a Friend’ membership program

This program will help you increase your clientele. It is best suited for not only established salons but also startups. You will need to offer a discount for the person who brings some friends or family for nail care. A small amount of discount can increase your customer base.

Monthly Pampering Program

As the name indicates, you will offer monthly nail care services. Of course, nail care does not offer everlasting results, even customers know this. So, you need to offer your customers pampering services for nails so as to keep nails in good shape.

Only Touchup Program

Some nail care service customers are associated with jobs where they are involved in rigorous work. They cannot keep their nails maintained for a long time. They need nail care, nail paint, or nail art services frequently in comparison to other customers.

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Challenges for the Salon Membership Programs

By now, you will probably be thinking that it is easy to offer membership for makeup, hairdo, nail care etc, but there are some challenges as well that you must not neglect. So, here is the list of challenges that you will probably have to face while working on the salon membership programs:


Yes, you need to have the proper equipment when you offer subscriptions for hair care, nail care, or skin care treatments. Also, your equipment should be fully functional and advanced because faulty equipment can cause not only damage to the customer but to your entire salon setup. So, keep the sensitivity of your job in mind and use apt equipment! You will also need to have enough furniture because discounts and subscriptions usually give an instant boost to the salon’s business. offer subscription plans for salons only when you are completely ready.

The Balance between Members & Regular Visitors

It is not necessary that you offer lucrative salon services subscriptions, and the next day all your customers turn out to be loyal subscribers. There are many clients of salons who prefer regular visits than being a member. Also, statistics show that businesses like gyms earn more from their members than regular customers or daily visitors. So, as a salon business, you will need to keep analyzing the flow of revenue that you are generating from members and visitors.

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There are a lot more benefits and challenges regarding customer loyalty programs for salons and memberships. You need to find the best way for your salon business. SubscriptionFlow offers you to manage your members from its subscriptions management platform. We will streamline your billing and payment processing when you implement a membership program. So, schedule a demo now!