Get Customized Modules, Layouts, and Fields in SubscriptionFlow for SaaS – The Feature You Will Get Nowhere Else

Customization is the business magnet that attracts customers with a huge flow. In the SaaS business, there are chances of acquiring customers from all different verticals for which the needs would surely be various, hence one option will not fit every business.

In this light of this, SubscriptionFlow looked into the high-end customization that caters to SaaS business management as a whole. With extensive research for all verticals or industries, we bring our SaaS customers customization whether it is for modules, layouts, or fields.

Statistics for consumers and merchants show that 80% of the consumers are more likely to buy the services if the company offers a personalized tailored experience. This lays down the significance of the creation of custom modules, layouts, and fields in a subscription management platform.

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Customized Modules, Layouts, and Fields in SaaS

Modules, layouts, and fields have their own significance for making custom changes that suits their interest best. For SaaS businesses, not only the backend but frontend modular development is needed and most of the time it is achieved through APIs.

To add more to it, modules are vital for executing processes and management of the processes. On the other layouts and fields are required for the information display, information categorization, or segmentation, respectively. It depends upon the merchant and the nature of the business and what kinds of customization and personalization are required for business.

The custom objects are the gateway to making your SaaS business or company get opportunities at maximum. Our custom modules, layouts, and fields provide businesses to enhance user experience either with user-generated modules or standard modules. These two types of modules are discussed below.

Standard Modules

Standard modules are pre-built in the software that you can use to execute processes. For standard, modules the user has all the autonomy to make edits to the modules. For some businesses, some of the modules created in the software might not be useful hence they can be hidden or edited.

Custom Modules or User-Generated Modules

The purpose of customization in SaaS is to fulfill the needs of the customer. To reiterate, in SubscriptionFlow custom modules can be created seamlessly. Our software is highly flexible and this is one of the reasons that our clients or users can create custom objects on their own. Custom modules are also known synonymously as user-generated modules. For module customization, we are not limited to the layouts or fields, but customization for pdf templates, email templates, Hosted Payment Pages (HPP), pipelines, and much is all done at SubscriptionFlow.

Precisely in the custom modules, you can:

  • Create fields and make customized changes to them
  • Modifying the page layout as per your choice
  • To define access controls for custom modules and their fields, user roles, and profiles.
  • Data Migration into custom modules.
  • Make a backup of your data whenever possible.
  • Send mass emails to the custom module’s records.
  • Make email schedulers in bulk.
  • To perform a series of actions, use macros.
  • Creating custom workflows to automate the processes.
  • Link custom module records to standard module records to create module relationships.

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Creation of Modules

From your admin access, you can create your own custom modules for your business. With the creation of custom modules, you will be able to display the data in a way that standard modules cannot be displayed in the standard modules. For the creation of modules, there are usually two views through which you can set the one that suits your interest better.

Once you create the modules, there is an option for activities in SubscriptionFlow. This is further categorized into closed activities and open activities. These two categories would enable you to view the ongoing activities taking place in the module and associated account history as well.


Whether there are custom-generated modules or standard modules, you have the autonomy to delete the modules. For an instance, if you run a school or eLearning subscription business and you do not need a particular module for the business, you can simply go and delete that module.

The option to delete modules is to declutter the system and make it much more organized and user-friendly.

Visual Customization

Visual customization is another important feature that you only get when you can have the option to create custom module fields or layouts. In visual customization, the main point that it encompasses is layout customization.

Layout customization is the way you want the data and information to be represented and created in the fields. Talking about layout customization, there are two views i.e., the detailed view and the list view. In the list view, data is represented in their respective fields according to columns. Whereas in the detailed view, there is brief information and pertaining details regarding the customer such as you can view the details of their subscription whether it is a one-time service or associated service.

Our Customer Success Story with Reference to Customization in SubscriptionFlow

One of our customers needed custom modules for their eLearning platform. When it comes to eLearning, there are a number of other factors that are needed apart from recurring billing management, subscription management system, payment, and billing.

Their requirements were to get custom modules for attendance of teachers and students to maintain the record. For this purpose, SubscriptionFlow provided them with the custom module where teachers and students marketing their attendance will be automatically tracked into the SubscriptionFlow system.

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Final Words

No one can deny the significance of customization in SaaS and personalization, especially when it comes to SaaS. The customization of modules, layouts, and fields, along with the creation of custom objections are some of the features that you will find only in SubscriptionFlow.

On your admin access, you can execute all the processes related to the customization of objects, customs, and fields. If you are looking for a subscription management platform that gives you a holistic service of not only subscription management but module customization in SaaS then SubscriptionFlow is the right choice.

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