Six Proven Customer Success Strategies for SaaS Subscription Businesses using SaaS Subscription Management Software

For SaaS subscription businesses, attaining customer success might not be a walk in the park. To rescue it and make it achievable, customer success strategies for SaaS subscription businesses will be your savior managed by SaaS Subscription Management Software.

Did you know that employing customer success strategies successfully makes 86% of the buyers spend more on your services!

Well, you might take a sigh of relief now because this article will illustrate the customer success strategies that will increase the scalability of SaaS business.

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What is SaaS Customer Success in a Nutshell?

To put it briefly, customer success is when your client gains the desired outcomes by using your product and services which further leads the client to use more of your services.

As SaaS revolves around the central point of recurring billing, therefore, it is pivotal to retain them other than acquire them (only).

Customer success, undoubtedly, is the name of a refined strategy that encapsulates onboarding and activation, renewal and retention, and finally, customer advocacy and referral.

Onboarding and Activation

The very step of customer success entails the process of onboarding which must be made successful to every extent so your buyer can recline. It involves product setup while creating value from it.

Renewal and Retention

Retain your customers and bring them towards the circle of subscription renewals. You might improve the chances of up-selling and cross-selling them by offering them the pertaining and other products they can get benefit from.

Customer Advocacy and Referral

Make your customer the advocate of your product and this is only possible when the customer’s individual needs are fulfilled while achieving the value and desired outcome by using your services and products.

Customer Success Strategies for SaaS Subscription Businesses

Customer success is the amalgamation of your sales team and success team as both combine to drive their forces towards customer success. With that being said, let’s see how both of the teams will work on the following strategies for customer success.

Brand Awareness

The first B2B impressions are made right there when a potential buyer visits your website. Most of the time, the misconception lies in customer success that starts after onboarding.

When a customer visits your website, it is the time for a make-it-or-break-it deal and this is why brand awareness must be done rightly. Make sure you have explained briefly and astutely the services that you will provide to the customers in achieving their goals. To make it stronger for you, 69% of the B2B buyers prefer to read the content that speaks directly to them.

Educate about the product

You are just one step away from acquiring the customer if you have done brand awareness and product education rightly.

With that being said, you have to motivate your potential prospects about the product and the way it suits their interests the most. Crate credibility to your prospects, because this is important more than you think. Educating about the products and services will reduce the roadblocks of your customers hence more knowledge and better understanding – the crux of educating about your products.

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring a customer can be easy only if your sales team is aligned as they hold the reins of it. With that being said, the sales team will build a rapport with your brand, products, and service, therefore, it is significant that sales time is completely knowledgeable along with a strong grip on articulating it to the prospects.

As prospects turn into qualified leads, their expectations grow even bigger as they truly expect the best of all from your product and brand for their SaaS business.

For customer success, the strategy of customer acquisition is that all the departments must be aligned and have optimal knowledge of what the customer wants to know and needs to know so they can articulate it to the customer effectively.

In the process of customer acquisition, marketing, sales, and operations teams are bound together as the flow of the information must be smooth and seamless for creating a frictionless customer acquiring process.

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Guided Onboarding

It’s appreciable that you have written an onboarding document but you should not rely on it ‘only’.

A fine-tuning of smaller details, and creating a customized experience for your client will work nicely. Undoubtedly, onboarding is one of the most crucial stages for B2B customers, it is extremely important to make it smoothest.

For a guided onboarding process, all the teams such as finance, operations, IT, and engineering must be ready to carry out the process of onboarding.

One-on-one onboarding is helpful and effective enough to give your customers the value of using your product. Moreover, it gives a more understandable overview of using your software-as-a-service business while getting it integrated into their system.

Consider simplifying all the processes while you get the buyer on board as you want fewer to no roadblocks at all while you are in the process with the client.

To say it briefly, all the setup must be smooth and all teams must be interconnected.

Customer Support

Customer support is the inevitable strategy to attain a higher percentage of customer success. With that being said, customer support can only be delivered when the team is equipped with a strong grip and knowledge instead of a handful only.

While the customers get entangled in the problems, customer success should be there when approached. The role of the customer success manager is inevitably important for providing support and leading the team. For this, the self-service portal is the best route to take. Allow your clients to resolve their matters without dependency on anyone through their self-service portal. While SubscriptionFlow – SaaS Subscription Management Software – deals with providing customer success the self-service portal is our major feature that has helped clients and then their clients in many ways.

Adopt the enhanced feature of the self-service portal and see how effective it works in terms of customer success.

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Keep Track of Customer’s Behavior

The customer behavior elucidates many important details that you might not want to miss. For a customer success manager, analyzing customer data is an amigo for the customer success manager. Keeping the track of customer behavior is vital to know if a customer uses the product more often or not. And, if it does, then what the activities are along with the needs for features and solutions.

Analyzing customers’ behavior will help you in deriving knowledge of understanding the way they use your product, increasing up-selling and cross-selling by showing them relevant products with the historical data, while also looking at customers who might leave and increase churn.

By doing so, you will be able to employ different strategies that will improve customer lifetime value and help in completing the subscription lifecycle.

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Wrapping Up

As we proceed to wrap up, it is essential to emphasize customer success. Working on customer success will drive your business to the heights of success.

Leave behind all the practices that may leave your business dwindling and start practicing the up-to-date strategies that have been proven to be effective.

SubscriptionFlow, being a SaaS subscription management software, focuses on the customer success of SaaS subscription businesses and improves the rate of customer success by a significant percentage.

Want to achieve customer success powered by automation, a self-service portal, up-selling, cross-selling, and analytics? Schedule a demo with us!