How does SubscriptionFlow handle Subscription for Alarm companies?

To think out of the box when it comes to subscriptions, one must think of security and alarm companies. With ever-increasing surveillance companies, devices, and customers, the need for a robust system becomes inevitable.

With strong roots in statistics, the market for security alarm services in the United States was almost 32 billion dollars in 2021. With that being said, the market share of security and alarm companies is higher and continues to expand. To manage the users and customers of the service, the idea of creating subscriptions for the customers is not only technically innovative but productive as well.

The SaaS subscription market is increasing and businesses are rapidly adopting them as it helps them in achieving a good income revenue stream without the need for millions of capital. Albeit the fact, customers demand companies that are tech-savvy and have the most robust systems that can cater to their needs seamlessly.

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SaaS Subscription Market Alarm and Security Companies

Across the market, there are many businesses and companies that provide smart security solutions to the companies regionally or globally in different markets such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2G, G2B, and G2C.

Over time with increasing customers and demand for smart security gadgets their management through automation has become crucial. To help companies in managing their customer’s data and subscription management, SubscriptionFlow provides its platform for an all-in-one stop solution. Let’s get to know how SubscriptionFlow will help you manage your surveillance customers and their subscriptions without any glitches.

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Manage Recurring Billing for Security and Alarm Companies

It is high time to get rid of the customary practices of manual filling sheets and managing them by spending hours on them. With our automated system for recurring billing with special reference to security and alarm companies, the recurring billing and recurring payment processes are managed. With artificial intelligence and the robust functioning of the system, it creates automated invoicing with seamless payment processing.

For smart monitory and security subscribers of your business, we provide you with the services of automated recurring billing with one-time entered details of the users. SubscriptionFlow ensures:

  • Automate SaaS Billing to Focus on Business Growth
  • Safe, Secure, and Seamless API Handling
  • Metered Billing Management
  • Real-time Usage Monitoring
  • Scheduling and Custom Invoicing
  • Dunning Management with Automated Protocols
  • Reporting with Subscription Metrics

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Privacy and PCI-Compliant Security of Customer’s data

Being an alarm and surveillance company, the top-most priority for you is your customer’s data. Keeping this in consideration and serving our customers in their best interest. SubscriptionFlow follows the guidelines of GDPR for keeping the data safe and secured. With that being said, we provide high security and PCI-compliant software that keep the data safe from any breaches hence keeping you safe and your customers from unprecedented risks.

SubscriptionFlow follows the suites of protecting customers’ data and information, with security and compliance as our first and foremost priority. We only save and gather the information that is necessary for us to set up processes, and we do so with our customers’ permission. Manage the subscriptions of your alarm company subscribers with SubscriptionFlow without any worries.

Fraud Detection

With a large user customer base and large payments, fraud detection is inevitable. Once in a blue moon companies get to face fraud for a number of reasons which not only make companies lose their credibility but recurring revenue takes a huge leap down.

With SubscriptionFlow and its multi-tier defense strategy, all of the payment frauds are thwarted. With our security and PCI-compliant subscription platform, we aim to minimize the fraud and reduce it to zero. With that being said, our highly optimal artificial intelligence system protects your authorization, protects your payment information and related database, and above all secures conversion rates.  Not only this, but our security team experts keep an eye to protect customers from any kind of payment fraud.

Improve your productivity and credibility of your services among your customers with SubscriptionFlow and see the boost you always wanted to have.

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Achieve Real-time Analytics

For running business operations seamlessly and to project revenue operations, companies have to have real-time analytics. Without analytics, you will not be able to have a global view of your revenue, and understanding your customer also gets difficult.

SubscriptionFlow provides real-time analytics and reporting through which you can look into your revenue such as monthly recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue. Not only this, but we also provide a churn rate report with which you can control the increased involuntary churn rate. We ensure you that:

  • Stay Informed with Real-Time Customer Activity
  • Actionable Dashboards Shared Across Various Departments
  • Financial Reports Including Subscription Metrics
  • Track Invoice, Payment, and Transaction Changes

Customizable Dashboards

Having a restricted Custom Relationship Management software or CRM can be annoying and make customers leave the site and service. To cope with this, SubscriptionFlow provides full-fetched capabilities and customizations through which you can access any features you want to. For your security and alarm company, you can manage the details of subscribers’ databases and pertaining sensitive information. Get the following with SubscriptionFlow’s customizable dashboard:

  • Account Specific Dashboards
  • Advanced and Custom Filter Options
  • In-Built Financial Calendars

Subscription Management with Self Service Portal

To reduce the hassle of waiting for hours to get queries answered, the self-service portal is the solution users look forward to. We provide a self-service portal that enables users to manage their subscription plans and experience a stellar subscription experience. Equipping users with a self-service portal gives them the opportunity to get independent by making changes, editing, subscription history and whatnot. With our self-service portal you can:

  • Add, Remove, or Edit the Contacts, Billing, & Payment Information
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel, or Pause the Subscription
  • View the New and Previous Invoices
  • Manage Everything with a Secure and User-Friendly Interface
  • Make Profile Changes
  • Request Customer Support
  • Share Feedback
  • Seek Additional Information and Services
  • Information Sharing
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Invoice and Transaction Histories
  • Display Add-Ons, Upgrades, and Products

Bottom Line

Smart surveillance and alarm companies have become an important part of our society as it is crucial for every point and place. To manage customers’ data and handle the subscription seamlessly, SubscriptionFlow is the right path to go on. From basic to the advanced subscription management and solutions, SubscriptionFlow does it all for you.

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