Update the Old-School Ideas of Washing & Washing Machines—Gear up for the Subscription-Based Smart Laundry

Technology plays a pivotal role in running our homes. The more technology advances, the easier homes-errands management solutions are mushrooming. The household chores are now making the reality of a connected and smart world alive. And, the road to the smart home begins with the smart home appliances—convenient, consistent, and connected.

Smart home technology is the way to live now. We are getting used to home appliances that are intelligent enough to manage their operations or can take commands when we are not around. One of the most important tech-based convenience for household chores is innovative laundry machines.

From managing the laundry once a month to a week to a day, it had been through various technological advancements. However, it remained a tiring job until the invention of washing machines, then dryers, and other cloth-ironing solutions.

With the invention of smart home technology, the household arena has also revolutionized. It built the roads for the home appliances manufacturers. They have started to land into the waters of smart technology to make the connected-home dream a reality.

The smart washing machines, the subscription-based washing cycles, washing machine rental subscriptions, and laundry services subscriptions are taking us to the new-age where laundry is no longer a boring job and does not require consumers to spend more bucks for efficient subscription management solutions.

Let’s take a dig at how the laundry business landscape is transforming with the latest, smart, and connected technology combined with the new business models. We will also dive into how these efficient machines are complementing subscription-based services and are affecting the old-school concepts around washing-at-home or Laundromat services, without incurring resources and efforts around washing or maintenance, repairs, and energy, time, or water consumption hassles of washing appliances.

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The Innovating Landscape of Laundry Business

The innovations in laundry technology are drawing more business opportunities for home appliance manufacturers and laundromats. The invention of smart machines minimizes the input and maximizes the output with less human intervention and intelligent programing of equipment and engines. Intelligent machines can self-manage their operations, efficiency, and work as per the commands given, thanks to the emerging artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) vision of connectivity, monitoring, and remote-controlling.

The latest smart washing machines equipped with WiFi, water and detergent consumption, energy-usage management, intelligent timers, and other smart features and connected with the app through smart gadgets are now available in the market. They are enabling individuals at homes or enterprise-level consumers to keep their washed-and-folded clothes and all sorts of apparels available in no-time.

These washing machines, dryers, and ironing gadgets are rapidly replacing the use of the old-fashioned washing machines that consume more energy, take more time, and require dedicated presence. The old-way washing is also prone to get halted anytime for any reason of damage, power outage, etc. In contrast to the frayed ways of cheap washing, the latest appliances for washing has been designed and implemented with the technology that can not only self-manage the operations, it can also alarm the maintenance or repair if required in addition to power up the washing capacity up to 7 times over its lifetime.

The only bottleneck here is, these machines are quite EXPENSIVE… at least, at this stage.

To deal with the snarl-up, the manufacturers are all set to revise their billing and business models. They are innovating the business models for the cheaper ways out that can make this technology available and affordable for the end-consumer from any background.

The cheap washing machines sooner will become obsolete and the amount invested in them will also vanish. The rapid developments across the industries make it necessary for the manufacturers as well as customers to adapt to the new-age tech-living and adopt the new business models along with the innovations in product development.

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The Different Business Models of the Laundry Subscriptions

It is high time to cut on the old appliances that crowd our home and landfill sites. Replace them with the hi-end and environment-friendly home appliances with modern tech-solutions. To meet the challenges of the innovation of tech in laundry home and business solutions, electronic and home appliances manufacturers are formulating different business models that would earn them great revenue as well as would not increase the burden on consumer’s pockets. Some of the current billing practices owning the subscription business model are increasingly paving the ways of access to machines on a recurring basis, instead of a one-time hefty expense. Here are these:

Washing Machines/Dryers on a Recurring Basis

Instead of buying, these appliances are available on subscriptions. It is more of the rental type of the business model that enables a customer to use the machine at their convenience with no restrictions on the number of washing cycles, upfront costs, or maintenance and repair costs. Also, gain insights on the consumption of detergent, water, and energy. The connected app makes it even easier for the users to remotely manage the washing timer, intelligently differentiate the clothes based on the type, colour, etc.

Laundromat Subscriptions

These are the old-school laundry subscriptions with the touch of the latest and smart washing machines with the subscription model. Most of the laundry services providers allow you to take the pain of signing up for one-time and subscribe to the service for your required length of the term. Afterwards, they would come to collect your used and dirty clothes art your doorstep and return the washed, dried, ironed, and folded clothes at your doorstep. These are intelligent laundry solutions with insights on how the machines enable the customer how much the piece of cloth is dirty and how much time, detergent, and water it is consumed. It allows them to manage the shell-life of their wardrobe, even, when they are not doing the laundry themselves.

Pay-Per-Washing Cycle Subscriptions

This is the most innovative version of the washing and laundry subscriptions. Here the washing machine manufacturers are charging their customers based on use. One of the washing machine manufacturers from the Netherland have brought the idea of innovative washing into the budget into reality. They provide access to smart washing machines, dryers, and other appliances at the comfort of their place against a monthly subscription fee or pay-per-use charges. Customers subscribe and an expert comes to their place and installs the appliance. The machine is equipped with a monitoring device that counts the number of washing cycles or usage of the washing machine. The analytics gathered from the device can be tracked and monitored by the connected app that displays the usage, the costs of usage, maintenance or repair requirements, energy, water and detergent consumption, and more.

Besides the smart washing machines’ usage-based subscriptions extend the life of the appliance and become the source of the recurring revenue of the company,  they allow the manufacturer to retain the ownership of the machines. The manufacturer is responsible for all the maintenance and repairs.

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It’s the Age of Smart Laundry… Capitalize on Washing Cycles Instead of Smart Machines

Moving with technology is getting expensive. Gone were the days when vehicles, gadgets, or home appliances were assets or investment. Each day, science and technology introduce the new version of innovation anywhere in the industry that one-way or another pull the impacts on our every-day living. With the idea of connected cities with workplace and homes, all are required to accept the inevitable change and begin to go with the flow like it was required yesterday.

Smart electrical appliances are rooting the foundations for convenient living connected with machine intelligence. Here are a few reasons that made the washing machines subscriptions a great idea, to begin with:


  • Rinse, Repeat, Relax—Let Smart Washing Machine Subscriptions Manage Your Laundry
  • Say ‘Good Bye’ to Hefty Upfront Costs
  • Reliable and Affordable Washing On a Recurring Basis
  • No Maintenance, No Repairs, No Struggles
  • No Spikes in Electricity Billing
  • Remote Laundry Management With Connected Experience
  • Insights On Water, Energy, Detergent Consumption and Washing Cycles


Stream More Recurring Revenue with Laundry or Washing Machine Subscriptions

Manage the recurring billing, and payment collection with SubscriptionFlow that offers automated subscription management solutions. It enables the laundry services providers or washing machine manufacturers or retailers to offer customized solutions to their customers that include;


  • Optimized Pricing and Billing Model
  • Discount Offers
  • Customizable Subscription Plans
  • Subscription Bundles Management with On-Platform and Cross-Platform Services
  • Intelligent and Innovative Connected Technology
  • Data Analytics that Offer Intelligent Solutions


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