20 Ways to Not Miss Any Revenue Opportunity This Holiday Season

No matter how we spend a year, it is always the holiday season that rejoices our distresses and replaces our blues with ecstasy, delight, and liveliness.

With a note of teaching us the best of survival skills, it’s time to bid adieu to the year 2023 and welcome 2024 with the hope for more prosperity, stability, and opulence.

SaaS and subscription businesses can also take their share of opportunity and fortune. It is time to gear up to earn more revenue and take more customers on board, it is time to reward loyal customers, and it is time to harmonize the subscription economy with more personalized solutions for the customers.

For some businesses, it is time to make money and for some, it is time to earn engagement and visibility throughout the channels. Every business is different so are its services, market, strategies, and goals. But, they all aim for more sales and customers every season.



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This article demonstrates some of the most proven strategies to create more sales and visibility opportunities for your SaaS and subscription businesses. Here are our 20 revenue-driven tips to increase your SaaS sales and make your customers happy:

  1. Onboard Customers with Holiday Special Offers and Promotions

Holidays mean offers, promotions, and discounts. Nothing can attract a customer other than the prominent, glittering, and attracting word ‘ Discount’ at the walls of the stores or the websites. Acquire more customers this season and find the prospective leads in your database that can easily be converted if they would be offered the best deals at the best times. Personalize the discounted coupons or vouchers for them and let them feel special this holiday season.

  1. Please Existing Customers with Customer Loyalty Surprises

In the merry of onboarding new customers, never ever forget your loyal customers that have been a source of the recurring revenue of your business over the months or years. It is time to give them back. Strengthen your relationships with the existing customer with customer loyalty rewards like a free trial of a new feature, personalized solutions to their business, or offer them exclusive discounts on upgrades, cross-sells, and re-sells.

  1. Reach out to the Customers for Upgrade Offers

Use your subscription management software and identify the potential subscribers whose subscriptions will be expiring soon or who have more potential to go with an upgraded plan with more features. Tailor a plan or pricing for them, reach out using multiple channels, and let them know that you are all set to continue your journey with them. Offer them discounted or limited-time plan upgrade or re-subscription pricing.

  1. Reward Customers with Early Bird Discounts or Freemium

Customer engagement at every stage and every point in a year is important but in the holiday season, it is more important to develop trust and loyalty. Attract and reward all customers—offer them freemium or those who are already on-board with freemiums, convert them into paying customers with early-bird discounted deals or any other holiday-special holidays deals.

  1. Leverage SaaS Sales Intelligence

Holidays are the best time to take full advantage of your SaaS sales intelligence. Use subscription, recurring billing, marketing, sales, payments, and customer service analytics to analyze the onsite and offsite customer data to explore their preferences and dislikes. And, use these insights to attract customers with personalized offers and solutions to their concerns.

In the subscription businesses of physical goods, customer intelligence increases the chances of more subscription sales and for longer terms.

  1. Develop Seasonal Content

Every year, holidays come on their time and you know that. Leverage all the old content that you have created for the last year and repurpose it for this year. Offer customers more solutions that can boost their personal or business interests with the content that you provide in the form of educational, informational, or entertaining blogs, videos, infographics, or promotional ads and press releases detailing the seasonal offers, promotions, and services.

  1. Increase Email and Social Media Outreach

In the subscription business, personalization is the key. The more the SaaS businesses are connected to their customers, the more they can provide them an enhanced personal experience. And, the best way to improve personal experience is to establish a personal outreach through emails and social media.

Studies show that personalized emails and customer engagement at social media improve click-through rates and personalized interactions made during the holiday season favor more conversions.

Plan your email and social strategy long before the holidays and continue it even after the holidays. Begin with initial holiday promotional, follow-up, reminder, re-targeting, and feedback emails and social media posts for customers that subscribe to your product or service or have abandoned their shopping cart.

  1. Optimize Processes Management Across the Business Line

In addition, to offer promotional discounts, offers, and deals, it is also pertinent to optimize a frictionless business line. From order to purchase, billing to payment, and supply to customer service, everything should be aligned and improved with all the backups to combat any obstruction that may spoil the experience for the customer.

Automate and optimize your recurring billing, payment processing, sales, marketing, customer support, and all the processes to take advantage of the holidays to their fullest.

  1. Team up for Bundles Across Affiliates and Industries

The scalability, extensibility, and flexibility of the SaaS are its strengths and allow the SaaS product to adjust in a cloud ecosystem. In any SaaS system, all those products and companies are successful and are benefiting each other in the propagation of their businesses. Holidays are an opportunity to partner up with different SaaS products within the industry or across the industries and give the benefit of the partnership to their customers.

  1. Bundle up Exclusive Holiday Special Features, Products, and Services

Another way to provide the advantage of togetherness to the subscribers is to offer them the product, features, and partnerships as bundles. On auspicious occasions, opulent and exclusive bundles with discounted or seasonal pricing attract more customers as one solution available as budgeted bundles. If you are a marketing SaaS, payment service provider, or simple a SaaS for help desk, find your partners in the recurring billing or customer relationship management application businesses. Likewise, if you are a subscription box business, find partners that can promote their products through your subscription boxes.

  1. Gear up for Co-Marketing

Co-marketing is the strategy, budgeting, and a way to symbiotic and harmonized industry-based relationships. Become partners for cross-platform promotions and take advantage of each other’s market.

  1. Consider An Influencer Strategy

The subscription box businesses and the SaaS with the niches of entertainment, sports, education, event management, payment processing, business management, etc. should consider influencers to promote their business, their holiday special deals and discounts, and their products.

  1. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Removing frictions from the revenue streams is the most significant part of the holiday revenue strategies.

Garnering a new customer’s attention to proceed to checkout is not the aim. The actual goal is to get them checked out successfully. Think big, think of more options for payment other than traditional card payments and bank transfers. Provide customers the options for e-wallets and mobile payments as well.

Offering multiple payment methods to facilitate customers with their payment preferences is the fundamental requirement of the customer acquisition strategy.

  1. Facilitate Cross-Border Transactions for International Customers

Internet blurred the existence of marker boundaries. Anyone can operate anywhere and cater to the customers anywhere anytime. Holidays bring more customers from beyond the borders, it is your duty to facilitate them the options to pay in their currency. Make arrangements for the payment methods and payment gateways that allow international customers to pay in their domestic currency.

  1. Integrate More Than One Payment Gateway

To support multiple payment methods, currencies, regions, businesses, and transaction types, one payment gateway may not be enough capable to make your customer happy. Also, the holiday season is not the time to take the risk of down payment systems or unexplained security issues. The wisest thing a merchant can do is to choose a mixed platter of payment providers that can solve all the customer payment processing issues.

  1. Use Price Engine to Optimize Pricing

Pricing is your key to make customers go with your product or services. Say hello to a pricing engine that can optimize your pricing, intelligently. Offer personalized pricing to each customer that does not resist them at checkout.

  1. Ease out the Checkout Experience

Right pricing, up payment processor, multiple payment method, and support to multiple currencies are a few of the elements that enhance the customer experience at checkout. However, this can be boosted with the responsive interface, optimized website, and secure checkout with pre-populated customer payment details or AI-enabled recommended payment options, etc.

  1. Boost Customer Service and Support Resources

Holidays bring more customer engagement hence businesses need more support at the end of the customer service or technical support. Do not disappoint customers with unattended queries, feedback, or suggestion. Invest in improving customer support resources and entertain each customer that would come to you for assistance or have shown interest in your business or product.

  1. Engage, Educate, and Entertain Clients with Post-Holiday Assistance

The only bad thing about holidays is they are not for forever. We have to say bye to welcome them again next year. So, it is wise to take leverage of this drawback of holidays as well. Offer customers the content, assistance, help, and services that can keep them attended and prepared for the problems and challenges in the new year.

  1. Plan Your Strategy for 2024

The same strategy to prepare the customer for a post-holiday experience applies to your business as well. Conceive every offer, promotion, service, and support in the light of the new year’s advantages.  Begin your 2023 business strategy with the holidays of 2024 and stay alert beforehand for the obstacle that may challenge your business in the new year.

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It’s a busy season, it’s a golden season, and it’s a tough season. We are here to help the SaaS and subscription-based business and their sales, marketing, and service teams and managers to set high and aspiring targets and stream more revenue this season.