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How to Set Up Automatic Payments for your Business

Setting up recurring payments enables you to collect payment on a monthly, yearly or certain basis. The most essential challenges in any organization have been to help nurture a workforce willing to embrace the transformation and to work and assume otherwise while preserving the working subculture. While executing automatic payments in an organization, it would not only help you achieve your billing goals publicly but also assist you to make every department in sync with the other while giving real-time output. And SubscriptionFlow is a one-stop solution for executing all the above-mentioned points. SubscriptionFlow serves as an automation system or tool for businesses that are dealing with subscriptions. Automatic payments are our top-notch functionality that lets businesses receive payments without any grief and hassle. The process is simple and error-free. For instance, a new customer likes service and subscribed for it after clearing the payment. SubscriptionFlow has made this whole payment collection process automatic on the cause of a few clicks. Below down are some of the ways by which you can set up automatic payments through SubscriptionFlow.

Scenario 1

Let’s assume that the subscriber has made a purchase online through our software. Then the next step is the Order Summary Form followed by the subscriber’s information containing the following fields.

  • Account Information
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Information

Scenario 2

Right after an auto invoice is generated against an order. The subscriber can automate the payment process on his own by filling the following fields.

  • Transaction Category
  • Total Amount
  • Payment Type

Furthermore, once the automatic payments are functional at the organization’s end, they can also get their hands on the additional features that surface as a result of recurring payments activation.

automatic recurring payment services

Glitch free Payment Processing

Another praiseworthy aspect of SubscriptionFlow business is the faster and error-free processing of recurring payments. SubscriptionFlow helps businesses to grow and stay abreast of all the financial challenges. It will also help them to stay connected with all the updated technology and functionalities so that they can use them in their daily work processes to enhance their recurring payments and other payment channels.

Flawless Recurring Invoices

SubscriptionFlow’s billing and invoicing functionality will help you automate your invoices against minimal click. It will also help businesses in making a bundle of invoices for the subscribers without much annoyance provided an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Subsequently, businesses can plan their billing for recurring invoices to be generated automatically through our invoicing system and stay focused on their business! Automate your invoices and forget the manual aggravation with SubscriptionFlow.

Automated Reminders

The SubscriptionFlow software will also allow you to maximize customer lifetime value by promoting long-term subscription relationships. Maintain a direct line of communication with your subscription customers with the ability to automate invoices, receipts and renewal notice for customers. You can also proactively notify your subscribers when their trial is about to complete or their payment is long overdue or in the event of a cancellation of their subscription.

Automated Reporting

The most important part is the automated custom reports which come under advanced reporting that enable subscribers to develop and produce intricate, detailed report data with the aid of comprehensive scheduling tools. It is pertinent to keep in mind that successful reporting depends on how the data is organized and presented. Currently, most of the software follows rigid practices that limit the easy flow of data. Hence, productivity gets suffered. To resolve this SubscriptionFlow offers an extensive reporting module that will help you streamline your operations and stay abreast of the work productivity. This reporting module has made possible through real-time analytics which includes product usage, customer segmentation, invoice aging, sales rep performance, taxes, payments, and credits.

Putting all this in a nutshell, automating payment processes is the need of the hour. And SubscriptionFlow is here to help you out with all the nitty-gritty of automatic recurring payments through its robust and intuitive dashboard. Get along with SubscriptionFlow today for glitch-free payments.