SubscriptionFlow Announces Partnership with Avalara to Automate Sales Tax Management

SubscriptionFlow, a world-leading subscription billing management platform is excited to report its integration with Avalara, a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance software. Finally,  customers can now spend less time on tax compliance and more time focusing on their core offering.

Managing taxes for subscription-based businesses is a challenging undertaking. And nearly impossible for merchants who offer products or services with different tax rates and in different states. With thousands of tax jurisdictions and ever-changing tax rules and regulations, Avalara automatically calculates the final tax amount. Consequently, the business can concentrate on its strategic activities instead of worrying about the increasingly complicated tax regulations.



SubscriptionFlow teams up with Avalara to facilitate customers with tax payments

For most customers, a configuration in SubscriptionFlow is simple and the integration is seamless. The client has to set up an account with Avalara. Sales tax is automatically calculated in SubscriptionFlow with the click of a button.  Within a few minutes, clients can process invoices, post applicable sales tax to General Ledger and send the sales tax data to Avalara for further processing.

Our integration with Avalara reiterates SubscriptionFlow’s commitment to providing retailers with top-of-the-line resources to grow a successful subscription business. Merchants can now be confident that their customers aren’t being over- or undercharged. Customers will have a complete peace of mind that they are being taxed accurately for every transaction. In addition, SubscriptionFlow customers can take advantage of Avalara’s tax return preparation, filing, and remittance services. Avalara helps calculate taxes for millions of products across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and dozens of other international jurisdictions.


About SubscriptionFlow

SubscriptionFlow provides enterprise-class recurring billing solution for thousands of subscription-based businesses worldwide. We have helped clients implement pay-as-you-go pricing and packaging models, gain new insights into subscriber behaviour and break into new market segments to gain a competitive advantage. SubscriptionFlow clients come from a wide range of industries, including travel services, media, consumer goods, cloud services, and telecommunications.

 About Avalara

Avalara has helped thousands of small, mid-size and large corporations achieve success by comprehensively managing complicated and burdensome tax compliance obligations imposed by state, local, and other taxing authorities. Avalara’s Compliance Cloud™ platform seamlessly integrates into more than 200 accounting and business applications that span all platforms, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce, point of sale (POS), mobile (smartphone applications) compliance (tax returns), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.