1. Recurring subscription handling software with metered billing that integrates with Zoho CRM and Xero?

When it comes to integration, the most important feature of subscription handling software is the system’s flexibility to connect with other applications. SubscriptionFlow is one such subscription handling system that easily integrates with Xero and Zoho so that you can handle all miscellaneous activities of your business from a single platform.

2. If I integrate Xero, would my system remain flexible enough for more add-ons?

Yes, a subscription management platform of SubscriptionFlow integrated with Xero is flexible and scalable to have more add-ons.

3. If I integrate Xero, can I integrate payment gateways as well?

Though Xero integration allows users to receive payments in multiple currencies, the sytem can still be integrated with other payment gateways to ensure payment security.

4. How to test if integration with Xero is working

It is better to schedule a demo first so that you will see how the process of Xero integration works. That way you will know if the integration is working as per the flow or not.