1. What is subscription pricing?

Subscription pricing or billing is a model in which the customers pay a recurring fee for a product or service based on the set time interval (quarterly, monthly, etc.). There are different subscription pricing models such as flat-fee model, usage-based model, tier pricing, and volume-based pricing. With SubscriptionFlow, you can also create a hybrid billing model to serve your revenue goals.

2. How can I determine the right subscription plan for my business?

To determine the optimal subscription pricing strategy for your business, you must consider four points for analysis. Business Model – It is primarily based on your product type and services in the market depending upon the customers of your business. Business Cost – Consider all your business’s costs such as customer acquisition cost (CAC), fixed costs, and variable costs.Competitors – Study your competitors and understand them from a consumer perspective. Value to Customer – Providing value to your customers by taking their opinions in. Moreover, analyze the factors that lower customer conversion rate and higher customer lifetime value (LTV) and implement them in your pricing strategy.

3. Can I customize the features of subscription billing plans?

Yes, SubscriptionFlow enables its customers to optimize the billing and pricing plans. Furthermore, you can add a product catalogue, create and customize the features of your subscription plans, implement discounts, manage tax rates and automate tax calculations, and more.

4. How does a volume-based pricing plan differ from a usage-based pricing plan?

They are often overlapped, however, the bedrock difference between the two models is ‘time’. In quantity-based pricing plans, services are provided to customers in units over a set pricing regardless of consumption. Consumers have to pay at the start of the billing cycle. In a usage-based billing model, customers are charged for only what they ‘consume’. In most cases, the end customers pay when a billing cycle ends.

5. How can subscription pricing models benefit my business?

Once you integrate QuickBooks, all of your data from SubscriptionFlow will be synced to QuickBooks. However, your data from QuickBooks cannot be synced with SubscriptionFlow. It is a one-way sync from SubscriptionFlow to QuickBooks.

Subscription pricing models will: