1. Do you know any CRM application which has QuickBooks integrated into it?

SubscriptionFlow offers QuickBooks integration and allows users to sync all their financial data. It offers seamless synchronization and bridges the gap between CRM and finances.

2. What services will I be able to get if I get QuickBooks integration?

SubscriptionFlow QuickBooks integration allows:

3. What payment gateway can I use with this integration?

You can use any of the payment gateways supported by SubscriptionFlow to process the payments. A record of all the transactions will be synced to QuickBooks online for the financial record.

4. Do I need to create a new account or can I connect to my current account?

You can connect to an existing account or if you don’t have one you can create a new account and connect that with SubscriptionFlow.

5. Will all of my data be synced with QuickBooks?

Once you integrate QuickBooks, all of your data from SubscriptionFlow will be synced to QuickBooks. However, your data from QuickBooks cannot be synced with SubscriptionFlow. It is a one-way sync from SubscriptionFlow to QuickBooks.

6. Can you download a monthly transaction file to import into QuickBooks?

Yes, once you connect QuickBooks with SubscriptionFlow you can download the transactions in excel format.

7. Can I generate multiple invoices for the same customer?

Yes, you can generate multiple invoices and allocate them to the same customer. All this data will be synced on an hourly basis in QuickBooks until selected otherwise.