1. How can I manage the involuntary churn rate?

The involuntary churn rate refers to the frequency of customers or subscribers that leave the services during a set period of time due to different reasons such as lack of communication, failed payments, declined credit cards etc. SubscriptionFlow offers a unique combination of tools and metrics to keep a check on subscription lifecycle health and hence prompts your time ahead to avoid involuntary churn.

2. How would SubscriptionFlow help my business in reducing the churn rate?

SubscriptionFlow provides a smart payment failure proof feature that mitigates payment letdowns by sending your customer personalized emails. In addition to improving effective communication, a merchant can set up auto-charges to the cards to recover the payments.

3. Which payment gateways are integrated with SubscriptionFlow?

SubscriptionFlow enables merchants and customers from 100+ countries to integrate dozens of payment gateways. Stripe, CardConnect, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, GoCardless, Adyen and others can easily be integrated into SubscriptionFlow for seamlessly recurring billing processes.

4. Can I use multiple gateways on my eCommerce website?

Yes, SubscriptionFlow enables customers to use multiple payment gateways with multiple payment methods to enhance cash flow, accommodate customers from different regions, and gain maximum revenue potential.