1. Can I view my customer on their self-service portal?

Yes, you can monitor user activity using SubscriptionFlow’s self-service portal and track their behavior to identify churn patterns, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and observe real-time payment changes as well.

2. What is a customer self-service portal for Subscription business?

The customer self-service portal for subscription businesses provides subscribers with a dashboard from where they can choose to change their subscription status, upgrade and downgrade plans, buy add-ons or even contact support for queries and concerns.

3. Can I track user activity time via the self-service portal?

Yes, you can measure almost anything the user does from the time they log on, the changes they make, the things they see and the time they log off. You can even get statistics and identify activity or behavior patterns that hint towards churn.

4. Can I customize the customer self-service portal?

You can customize almost anything that will appear to your customers from the moment they’re onboarded to the day they end their subscription. This can include advertisements, notifications, important reminders, daily newsletters, etc.