1. How much will I have to pay for subscription billing?

If you’re going for SubscriptionFlow, you can automate your subscription lifecycle management from only $79/month (USD). This will include all the features that you can find here.

2. What is the best platform for selling SaaS subscriptions?

Ahead of the competition with its flexibility and customization capabilities, SubscriptionFlow is the best platform for selling SaaS subscriptions online. You can automate all operations related to subscription lifecycle management such as recurring billing, customer service, smart dunning, and even get subscription analytics.

3. What are the best B2B subscription apps?

SubscriptionFlow is the only B2B subscription app that companies need to streamline their operations and have a robust billing software that doesn’t just automate subscription management but also allows for countless integrations to make your B2B subscription app the only platform you need to manage your business.

4. Who uses subscription billing? What is the scope of subscription billing?

Subscription billing is for any business that charges customers on a recurring basis. With more additions being made every day, companies operating in the following industries require subscription billing:

5. What is the best method to charge a monthly/subscription payment from customers?

The best method to charge a monthly subscription payment from customers is through a recurring billing platform like SubscriptionFlow that can automate the transaction process, keep track of payments made and due, and initiate dunning processes to streamline cashflow.