1. How could analytics and reporting help my business?

SubscriptionFlow generates automated reports and analytics for merchants to understand customer behaviors, customer journeys, and buyers’ persona. Understanding customers’ behavior is important for strategizing, planning, and drawing prospects. Moreover, with analytics and reporting you can also estimate recurring revenue and its potential. With reporting feature of SubscriptionFlow, all metrics such as retention metrics, renewal rate, churn rate, revenue churn rate, and much more help you gain insight into your subscription business health.

2. What can I see on my dashboard for analytics and reporting?

SubscriptionFlow’s dashboard offers you custom views. You can choose what analytics you want to monitor every day. However, its default view offers metrics like sales, sale reversals, payments, refunds, MRR, ARR, and activations.

3. What are MRR and ARR?

MRR stands for monthly recurring revenue. It entails the predictable recurring revenue generated by your businesses from all the subscriptions in a time span of a month. It will give you an insight into how much you made in a month. It is a key metric for SaaS and subscription-based businesses.

ARR stands for Annual Recurring billing. It entails the predictable recurring revenue generated by your business from all the subscriptions on the annual basis.

4. How would integrations help streamline my business operations?

SubscriptionFlow integrates different software, tools, and applications in order to provide you with a seamless experience in handling:

As it is a one-stop solution you will not need to switch between windows and tabs, rather you will find everything in one place – synced and automated. With automation and cloud-based software, your data will be managed in an organized manner accessing it remotely without any hassle.